Why Your Marriage is Important in Your Parenting


Recently I heard a story from a friend whose friend had a teenage son who was really struggling!  I mean really struggling.  He was having suicidal thoughts and in a very dark place. He is seeing a counselor and do you know what one of his biggest issues is?    It isn’t being bullied or school or a girl. It is the way his father is treating his mother! I will say this child has a lot of issues and {Read More}

Connecting with your Kids Through Hobbies


Hobbies are a wonderful way to connect with your kids!  Maybe you have always wanted to learn to play piano or you have a teen that is interesting in photography and you think it would be great to learn too!  This is a way to share a common interest and connect on a deeper level!  There are so many conversations you can have about your new hobby that you won’t lack for things to talk about. You can Shop together {Read More}

Free November Activity Calendar

mini November

If you are not a subscriber yet make sure you sign up!  You will get a new activity calendar every month in your inbox!  November features a Thanksgiving Themeon the calendar, so there are lots of great activities to show you’re thankful!    You won’t be able to do all of the activities but if you can just do 2-3 a week it will help you connect as a family!  Again, thank you all for being faithful readers-I have some great {Read More}

Learning Your Child’s Love Language


When we take time to know our children’s love language we show them they are truly valued and we care deeply for them.  We all have a different love language.  Most of us love gifts, affirmation, and affection but usually there is one that really gets to our hearts like nothing else!  Learning your children’s love language not only helps you connect with them on a deeper level but helps you have more of a personal relationship with them!  You are {Read More}

Finding Ways to Keep our Family Safe Online


We live in a world of technology.  When I think about the last 10 years and how far we have come with technology it is crazy!  I was just telling my oldest son (15) that when I was looking to work at home when he was young it was so much more difficult.  There was NO internet!  It is just amazing today with the laptops, tablets, cell phones, game systems and fancy PC’s how much we can do.  It can benefit our {Read More}

Be Intentionally Unplugged


I talked several months ago about having an unplugged weekend!  We did this and enjoyed it so much!  Getting unplugged can be the perfect intentional thing to do in your parenting!  It doesn’t have to be forever, just a set amount of time.  Maybe certain days of the week or a special weekend like we did, or just start out doing one day! We are starting to see in our culture (and I will admit, being guilty of this one {Read More}

Teaching Your Children to Serve


I wanted to talk about being intentional with your children in their spiritual lives during this series.   If we want our children to grow up knowing God we need to be intentional with our faith! I thought Sunday would be a great day to do these posts for so the next four Sunday’s will cover a different spiritual topic!  I can’t believe this is the last Sunday one. This month has flown by!! Serving can be such a beautiful thing {Read More}

Intentional Traveling with the Family


I talked last week about taking your children to educational places. This can give your children great educational experiences and you get to make great memories along with it! Today, I want to talk about traveling together. I know what it’s like to not be able to afford big vacations and experiences with my family that I often see others enjoying. I know you can sometimes feel the pang of jealousy or feel like your children are missing out! I {Read More}

Being Intentional in the Kitchen


There is just something special about the kitchen that calls togetherness!  Everyone loves to hang out there, especially if there is good food cooking!  This is a wonderful time to make memories with your children!  You can start when your children are young being intentional in the kitchen!  I remember when my children were just older babies/toddlers and loved playing in the cabinets beneath my feet.  I had a special cabinet just for them.  I put plastic cups, plates and {Read More}

Words Do Matter


“Sticks and Stones can break my bones but names can never hurt me.”  If there was ever a saying that was a flat out lie this is it!! Words Do Matter! I was in a department store recently when I heard a mother let loose on her child.   I am what some would call an “older mom” now.  I understand moms getting frazzled, I understand kids throwing tantrums and I don’t ever assume because a child does their mom is {Read More}

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