Five Great Cookbooks for Kids


I was talking recently how cooking together can bring your closer to your children!  There is just something special that happens when you are beating eggs and mixing ingredients together that brings out great conversation and accomplish achieved together after the masterpiece has been created! I thought I would share 5 Great Cookbooks for Kids to give you and your children a great start in the kitchen!  Pillsbury Kids Cookbook: Food Fun for Boys and Girls – My kids LOVE {Read More}

Chore List for All Ages (Free Printable)

chore list

I promised you after my series on chores I would have a free printable for you!   This is a chore list for all ages!!   I’m so excited to have it for you today.  Please keep in mind every family is different and every child.  You know your children better than anyone, some children are more mature than others at different ages so this will not possibly apply to every situation but gives a great place to start!  Hope {Read More}

Free September Activity Calendar

mini sept adpng

If you are not a subscriber yet make sure you sign up!  You will get a new activity calendar every month in your inbox!  September has the back to school look!   You won’t be able to do all of the activities but if you can just do 2-3 a week it will help you connect as a family!  Again, thank you all for being faithful readers-I have some great posts in the works coming your way! To subscribe just {Read More}

Back to School Round Up

back to school

I wanted to put together a nice set of posts written by my favorite bloggers for a back to school round up.  There is so much here including back to school supplies, how to decorate a classroom, and healthy back to school snacks! Getting Ready for School: 5 Steps to Curb the Chaos – @ This Gal’s Journey Action Plan for Back to School Encouragment (Includes a free printable) @thebettermom Where Should Your Kids Go to School (25 Questions to {Read More}

The Boxcar Children Movie {Giveaway}


Have you ever read The Boxcar Children?  We LOVED these books!  They are so good and I have the fondest memories reading them to my kids!  Now they have a movie and it is very good too!  If you are a fan of the books the movie doesn’t follow it exactly but it does get in the main points you see in the book.  The children are delightful with each other and the movie has a great family feel! Four {Read More}

How to Teach Your Children Responsiblilty!


I have been talking about chores a great deal here at Together with Family and today I am sharing about the importance of teaching children responsibility at The Better Mom, please join me over there today! If you are visiting from The Better Mom today I would love it if you stayed awhile and read some of my most popular posts that is listed on my sidebar.  If you subscribe you will get in your inbox a monthly activities calendar decorated {Read More}

Chore List for 17 to 18 Year Olds

chore list for 17png

I know what you are thinking! Chore list for 17 to 18yr olds? Well, I wanted to stress that just because our kids are getting to be young adults doesn’t mean they don’t need to be responsible for house work.   They won’t need chores charts and stickers but they do need to be reminded they are part of the family and still need to continue to work as one.  For a matter of fact, I often hear moms complain more {Read More}

10 Stay At Home Date Nights


In celebration of our 20 year wedding anniversary I’m talking all marriage this week!  Yesterday I shared the 20 things I have learned about marriage in 20 years.  It has been shared a lot and we are so grateful!  We hope it blesses many! Several years ago we had 3 young children.  There was a time we had a 4 yr, 1 yr, and newborn.  Two were in diapers and life was CRAZY busy with small children!  We wanted to {Read More}

20 Things I have Learned about Marriage in 20 Years!


Today my husband and I have been married 20 years!  I remember being a newlywed celebrating couples 20 yrs and thinking wow, they have to be old to get that far!!  Well, here we are!  Time moves so quickly!  I thought I would share 20 Things I have learned about Marriage in 20 years! 1.  There will be good times!  (REALLY REALLY GOOD TIMES) 2.  You will need to forgive over and over again 3.  Becoming parents together will grow you {Read More}

Chore List for 13-16 yr olds

chore list 13-16

I have been talking about chores for a few weeks now and next week will be my final post about chore lists.  After that we will have a free printable for you all to print! This week we are talking about our 13-16yr old children!  This is a great age because they can do so much to help you with the household.  If you do not already have an allowance system set in place, this is a wonderful time to {Read More}

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