10 Great Date Nights to Have Together!


We have been married 20 years in less then a month!  I will be talking more about marriage on my blog in the future.  I do not believe you have to have date nights to have a great marriage but I do think they can be a wonderful asset to one!  They really do help you stay connected as a couple (especially through the parenting years) when life seems to revolve around the children.  When our kids were young it {Read More}

Cooking with the Kids {Easy Cake Pop Recipe}

cakepops1 jpg

I will be talking about things you can make in the kitchen with your kids often.  Cooking is such a wonderful time to bond and connect.  The kitchen seems to have a magic about it when creating great conversations and great memories.  My first recipe for Cooking with the Kids is Easy Cake Pops!  These are really easy to make and kids LOVE making them and eating them!! I want to be real in this series, my recipes may not {Read More}

Chore List for Toddlers/Preschoolers


Chores are such an important part of family life.  Children need to learn responsibility.   They need to know that running a household takes work and they need to be a part of that!  It helps teach them about hard work and helps to build character!  Every Monday for a few weeks I will have a new chore list up for different ages.  At the end of the series I will add a free printable you can print out with each {Read More}

What Mayberry Taught Me About Parenting!


I love old tv shows.  Today I am over at The Better Mom talking about all the wonderful things Mayberry taught me about parenting.  Join me there! If you are visiting from The Better Mom today I would love it if you stayed awhile and read some of my most popular posts that is listed on my sidebar.  If you subscribe you will get in your inbox a monthly activities calendar decorated for the season.  You will get a new one {Read More}

Chore List for Kids 6-8 yrs Old


I talked last weeks how chores are such an important part of family life and gave you a chore list for the toddlers/preschoolers in your life.  They need to know that running a household takes work and they need to be a part of that! It helps teach them about hard work and helps to build character! Every Monday for a few weeks I will have a new chore list up for different ages. At the end of the series {Read More}

Why I Love Project Life


I used to LOVE  traditional scrapbooking!  I would spend hours with friends putting albums together, decorating with stickers and fun layouts.  Most of all I believed in creating a legacy for my kids, to have OUR story told on pages with our pictures. As time went on and three children were born it became more and more difficult to keep up.  I started to get so behind that I really didn’t enjoy it anymore.  Honestly I didn’t even want to take {Read More}

Saying Yes to God as a Family {Review}


I shared with you all my Family Booklist for 2014!  Once I am done with a book I would love to share with you more in depth on how it was so you can see if you think you want to add it to your list. Today I’m telling you about this little ebook that I just LOVED.  It is only 1.99 and it is called Saying Yes to God as a family by Kristen Welch.  I have LOVED her {Read More}

You Can Simplify Your Family Life!

family life

Life is SO fast paced.  We are running here and there and everywhere most of the time.   I know many times as parents we feel like we are doing our children a great service by making sure they stay involved and many parents feel like they need to be involved in EVERYTHING!  Every sport, every extra activity, every church program and on and on and it can be exhausting! Several years back we had a conversation about what was important {Read More}

Sharing Ways to Help Families Connect


I’m so happy to share a little bit today at The Better Mom about my life!  This month Ruth is doing a series introducing all of her contributors and they are sharing a little bit about their history and their lives.  I have enjoyed reading this series and getting to know my friends even better!  It is so amazing reading about how God is using them and all about their journey in this life.  Today is my post so I {Read More}

How to Get Through Hard Times as a Family

hard times

It is always great to write about the fun things we can do as a family and all the wonderful things that go with family life.  But in reality, there are also HARD times!    We live in a fallen world and with that come sin, struggles, and trials.  Life doesn’t always run as smooth as we like and sometimes our families hit HUGE bumps along the way! My husband has recently been let go at his job.   He is {Read More}

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