10 Date Nights to do with the Kids!

10 great kid date nights

I want to start by saying you don’t have to do date nights with kids to be a good mom or dad.  Many families are large or are in situations where this is just too difficult or it is just not their thing and that is OK!

All of that said however spending some one on one time with a child can really help you connect with them on a deeper level.  This is especially true if you are dealing with a strong willed child or one you have a broken relationship with!  There is just something special about spending personal time with mom or dad that makes them feel very close to you!

Date nights with kids do NOT have to be expensive!  Here are 10 Date Nights to do with the kids!

Go to a fast food place and take a walk in the park

Go to a movie (can be a discounted theater or drive in)

Have a special theme tea party at home (just the two of you) this can be for mom or dad!

Go to an arcade or laser tag (this can get expensive so beware of that) Perfect for boys!

Take a day trip (recently my daughter and I visited a new American Doll Store that was 2 hrs from us) this was a birthday gift to her (not something we would do on a regular basis, but we had a wonderful girls day out)

Go on a Picnic

Take a drive and just talk (the girls will really love this)

Go swimming together

Take a walk (if you are a walker, you can take a different child with you every time you walk) this is such a great time to connect with each child!!

Go Formal -if you have the money, it is great to do something really special sometimes.  Maybe a nice dinner, a dance (perfect for dad/daughters) a night out at the theater or outside event!  This would be great for a birthday, or celebrating a special accomplishment!

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