10 Fun Family Nights!

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I talked about planning the perfect family night.  Now I want to give you some ideas for some.

Board game night-Get out all your favorite board games and have some special treats to eat and have a great time.

Movie night-pick a family friendly movie, pop some popcorn and enjoy!

Watch Family videos together, my kids LOVE this one.  My husband LOVES to take video and we have hours and hours of home videos.  My kids love seeing when they were babies and we laugh and sometimes cry (my dear mother in law who is home with the Lord is in many) So grateful we have these memories with her.

Visit a pet store and go to dinner together-we are on a tight budget so going to any restaurant (even fast food) where we eat in is a treat to my kids.  They could spend over an hour in a pet store just enjoying the animals.

If it is the holiday time there are special events in the area to see, make this a family night.

If you do video games have a video game night-we have had a blast with our Wii, rent your favorite games and play as a family.

Have a hobby/craft/scrapbook night-Sitting around the table and making things is a WONDERFUL way to bond with your children.

Listen to a fun audio book, light candles and get your favorite blankets to cuddle with.  Lamplighter has some great ones.

Make tents-my husband makes the best tents and my kids LOVE it, tents are always so much fun.

Plan a themed night-For example if it is fall time, you might make candy apples and watch a fall movie or cartoon together.  Around Thanksgiving time I do a Squanto party where we make homemade butter and listen to a Squanto audio and do Americana things.

10 fun family nightsI did a post about summer family nights, and fall family nights,  check them out too!


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    • admin says

      Thank you, I do try to come up with frugal ideas because we are a family that has to live on a tight budget. But that DOESN”T keep us from having fun memories together. Thanks for the visit!


  1. says

    I really appreciate your desire to help families connect. In my discussions with many second generation Christians, I have found that one of the things they say really influenced them was having a good relationship with their parents. From whatbI can see, it is vital that we connect with our kids!

    Thank you for your helpful ideas!

    In Christ,


    • admin says

      Thank you so much Lisa, that means so so much to me! Your right, it is vital especially in today’s world. Thanks for your sweet visits!


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