10 Fun Spring Family Nights

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Spring is here!  The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting shorter but I love having more daylight!  If you have been reading here for a while you will know that I love family nights!  This is such a wonderful way to connect with your kids!

Your kids love the time you and your spouse focus totally on them.  No work, no phones, nothing but games, events, or just plain family togetherness.   This is such a great time to get to know your kids even more and to have great conversations! Every season I love to share some ideas for family nights and I wanted to make sure you had a good list for this spring season!

Visit a local carnival – these can be SO much fun.  My daughter wanted to go to a local carnival last year in a shopping center, honestly I thought it would be hoakie and not really for us, I was WRONG!  We had such a great time, just keep in mind they can get expensive.  I put a limit on the kids right off,  a few rides, they may get to pick 1 or 2 games each and then one snack.  If you don’t place a limit, it will be expensive!

Plant a garden – Gardening can be such a wonderful activity to do to connect.  You get your hands in the dirt and can have great conversation while you are planting new life!  If you are not a natural gardener  and the thought of planning a whole garden is too much, think about a kitchen window herb garden or square box gardening.   There are so many different options nowadays. 

Board GamesBoard games bring out so many great things in family.  Well they can bring out the bad too (but even there, we have opportunities to teach about being a gracious loser and winner, taking turns, being respectful, and more)

Movie Night – I have so many memories of the great movies my family have watched together on family nights.  We always get out the blankets, make the popcorn, and cuddle in for a night of movie watching.  Now with Netflix and Redbox, it is so easy to have a great movie night!  If you are new to family nights, this is an easy one to start with!!!

Take a Scenic Drive or Nature Walk – For most of us the fall season is beautiful and the color or the leaves changing is just amazing!  A wonderful way to appreciate how creative our God is!!  Enjoy it as a family!

Play in the Rain – If it is not storming surprise your kids one day and just go out and play in the rain.  We should all do this sometime.  It’s refreshing and fun and it will create a wonderful memory

Putt Putt Golf – This is a real fun family evening!  Putt Putt can be for all ages and you can talk and share stories as you work your way through the course.  if you can go out for pizza together that night.  Creates great times together!

Outside Activities – Go to a park and picnic, go fishing, fly a kite,  star gaze, blow bubbles and play with sidewalk chalk!  Play hopscotch and outdoor games.   Get a family softball game or throw a Frisbee.  There are so many things you can do outdoors in the spring!

Have an Easter Themed night – Paint hard boiled eggs,  make baskets together, go to a Good Friday Service or Passion Play!  Celebrate the true meaning of Easter as a family!

Clean up your grill and have your first BBQ – Nothing like the first burgers and dogs of the season. Yum!  My kids always look forward to the first grill out of the season!

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