10 Great Date Nights to Have Together!

datenightspinjpgWe have been married 20 years in less then a month!  I will be talking more about marriage on my blog in the future.  I do not believe you have to have date nights to have a great marriage but I do think they can be a wonderful asset to one!  They really do help you stay connected as a couple (especially through the parenting years) when life seems to revolve around the children.  When our kids were young it was VERY rare we went out.  It was just too hard for us to get a sitter so we did date nights at home  but now we have teens and tweens and it is so much easier to go out together!

I do think if more couples that were having trouble in their marriages still took time to date (even if it could only be monthly)  it would help them so much.  It reminds them of why they fell in love, they can share each others interest and passions and dream big together!

Here are 10 great date nights to have together.  Most of them are very frugal, we have really had to watch the budget over the years.

1. Take a Drive – this is one of my favorites because it gives us so much time to have great conversation (us women love that)  We listen to a variety of music together (everything from 80’s hair bands to Christian)  We LOVE all kinds of music and it is great to have that in common!

2. See a Movie – this would make the top of my husband’s list ( notice you can’t talk much in this one)  It is great to see a wonderful film together, it is true it gets harder to find one anymore but they do come out occasionally.

3. Have a Meal Together – If you can’t do dinner, join him for lunch as a surprise sometime!  Sometimes it is easier to get moms to trade babysitting with you in the day time!  You will brighten his day showing up at work with a packed lunch or takeout!

4. See a Play or Outdoor Event – many communites offer things like this and if you don’t live in one see if any neighboring communites do.

5. Car Shows or Carnivals – My husband was so into car shows when we were younger, we went to so many (some even out of town)  I know ladies this might not be your thing but doing something your man enjoys with him really helps bond you!  I have a lot of great memories going to those shows with him and he was more than happy to stop at a craft show or historic place that I wanted to see.  We made great memories!

6. Go out for Ice Cream – We go out for ice cream as a family quite a bit but it is also nice just as a couple  I know I’m crazy but there is just something romantic to me about ice cream.  This is another opportunity to have great conversations and to enjoy something tasty!

7. Concert – This may be a music band you love or even a church concert.

8. Shopping – I know you probably think this is just one the ladies would enjoy but not always!  Mix it up, head to the mall and then hit a variety of stores together.  My husband loves electronic stores, tools, and men’s clothes.   You can make shopping about both of you!

9. Visit Friends – Go visit friends or better yet go out with friends together.  A double date is ALWAYS fun!

10. Sporting Event – This might be a sporting event you go to or maybe you like to do a sport together.  Some couples love to hike, swim, or even play ball together.  My brother in law and his wife LOVE to golf together, they even do special tournaments together!

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