10 Inexpensive Holiday Date Nights!

Guy and girl walk and have fun in the forest in winterThe holidays can be a perfect time to connect with your spouse!  There are so many wonderful things you can do together and dare I say, “romantic” .  There is something about the glowing of Christmas lights or fresh baked goods that scream togetherness!  I wanted to put a list together of some ideas you could do with your spouse this year or for the years to come during the holidays!

Take a Christmas Walk – There are usually many places locally that are decorated for Christmas.  Take a walk through your town, or in the city (the closest one to you)!  You can even walk around the mall (they are usually decorated).  Stop for hot chocolate or coffee and just enjoy the scenery and the company!

You could go for a Christmas drive -I know this is a fun thing to do with the kids too so don’t miss out on that family tradition, but take another night where it is just you two.  I have teens now so this is much easier than it used to be but if you have to get a sitter for a date night!  Play Christmas music, take a thermos of hot chocolate, and go look at homes or scenery decorated for Christmas.

Go Shopping Together – My husband is not a big shopper but he does enjoy shopping for the kids at Christmas so I don’t drag him around to do all my shopping, I do plan on one trip for just the two of us to pick things out for our children.  He enjoys this!

Have a Christmas Movie night– There are two movies my husband and I always make time to watch together during the season. It’s A Wonderful Life (Black & White Version) and White Christmas!  Sometimes we break them into two nights because we don’t start them until the kids go to bed.  Have some Christmas popcorn together and snuggle in for a movie!ball-17155_640Go to a community event or play – My husband and I love an interactive movie that is done every year in our area.  We don’t get to go every year but we have a blast when we do.  We throw snow, yell, and sing-it is so fun!  Find a local play, or concert, or anything to go to.

Have a night in listening to Christmas music – my husband and I love to share music and we both love classic Christmas music.  You can set up a Pandora channel free on your phone or computer with music you both love!  Just sit back and relax to it!

Do the Advent Christmas Challenge – I saw this late this year, but what a wonderful way to celebrate Advent and your marriage!  Pin it for later:)

Have a wrapping date night – My husband can wrap presents WAY better than me!  His packages make mine look sick!  Have a night where you wrap presents together and listen to Christmas music or watch a movie!  Great way to have good conversation!

Bake Together – Now, I know some of your husband’s may not bake!!  However see if you can just get them in the kitchen one night to assist you!  They can measure out ingredients, help you roll dough, or whatever else you can think of.  Time in the kitchen always creates memories!  In some families the husband is the chef so if that is the case, reverse those rolls and help him!

Bring in the New Year Together – Have some fun drink (we always do grape juice from Welch, because we are not drinkers, but have what you like)  watch the ball drop and kiss in the New Year.

Just remember most of all, Have fun!  Use these special times to be intentional with your spouse!  You can create some wonderful memories and deepen your relationship!

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