10 Ways to Celebrate Dad

dadpinThere are so many ways to celebrate dad and with Father’s Day is just around the corner there is no better time!  The great thing about dads is they are not usually hard to please!  They are usually the ones who say,  “oh I don’t need anything” when it comes to gifts and they typically just go with the flow.

So how can we celebrate dad?   I thought of a few ways!

*Bake him a cake or his favorite dessert – something great in the kitchen the kids can help with

*Make him a special photo of his family for his desk – dads love to show off their families

*Pamper him all day – Tell the kids that anything dad needs for the day they need to make happen.  Let him rest, dads usually work hard for their families, a day of doing nothing at all can be great for him!

*If it is in the budget take him out to eat at his favorite place – even if you can only afford fast food or pizza let him pick!

*Tell him how much you appreciate him!  Be specific about the things that make him a great dad!  Sometimes we only concentrate on the negative, really let him know how much your family needs and loves  him!

*Let him pick a family activity – he may want to go to a baseball game or a movie

*Wash his car – great thing to do as a family (kids love playing in water) and dad will love having a clean car!

*Many dads don’t like to go out so have a fun movie night in – have one with the kids and when they go to bed watch a movie of his choice as a couple.  You might actually have to watch an action movie but he will love it!

*Call your own dad and even visit if you can!  It always means so much, even if they act like it doesn’t matter.  My own dad is getting more sensitive over the years, age can do that!  Make sure he feels valued and loved!

*Thank God for the great men in your family’s life and pray for them.  It may be dad to your kids, or your own dad, or uncles or whoever!  They are SO important to family life!  God designed it that way, our culture may say dads are not so important but we know better!

Special note!! *I know I have single mom readers and I want you to know how AMAZING you are!  Take this day and celebrate family!  Celebrate grandpas and being together.  Know that when the days are really tough, God sees it all and cares deeply about you!  You may be mom and dad for the most part and it does not go unnoticed!  Celebrate that God is with you and that he is the greatest Father and HE is one who will never leave!!

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