10 Ways to Get Your Kids to Fall in Love with Books

We all want our kids to love to read! We want them to love going to the library and to be a lover of learning!  I think some children are born with a book in their hands, it just seems so natural for them and they love books from the time they are young.  For others though it can be different, especially for our children who struggle learning to read.  There are things we can do in our homes to encourage reading and to give our children a love of books!  There is no guarantee these will work for every child but my guess is that it will for most! *affiliate links included

books3jpe650Have book basket time – This is something we have had in our home, you can read about it here!  There are so many different books you can fill this basket up with.  You can fill it up with picture books, treasury stories, books on the subjects they are learning about and much more!

Have great books around the house – Houses with books tend to have readers.  Invest in some good bookcases, we have some in almost every room.  Have books sitting out on the coffee tables, in baskets, and even in the bathroom.  The more they are out they more likely a child will pick it up!  You can even decorate with books by using them as stands and table decor.  At Christmas we even decorate with our favorite Christmas books around the house and around the tree!

Read Aloud – Read aloud to your children, this has created so many wonderful memories with my children!  They just love it!  Start young, even babies love to be read to.  Don’t stop when they are teens, this is a time to find something challenging to read together which causes great conversations!  My husband even loves when I read a great book to him(he doesn’t enjoy reading the same way I do) and my children hear and see this!  It is wonderful for the whole family!

Listen to Audio Books – Audio books are wonderful!  You can listen to them on a car drive, at home, or vacation!  There are some incredible audio books that have wonderful readers that bring a story to life!  I will be doing a post soon on some of our favorites!  Right now we are listening to Harry Potter and it is excellent on audio!  Audio Books are a great way to save your voice also, I find as I get older I don’t have as much wind as I used it, listening saves my voice!

Later bed time – One trick I learned when my kids were little was if their bedtime was 9 and I came to tuck them in and pray with them, if I told them they could have 15 minutes extra for reading they almost always took me up on it.  I mean 15 minutes to stay up, they would do anything!  I knew they were getting some reading in and that was instilling a love for reading!

Let them see you read – Children learn best by what they see modeled.  If you read a lot they will want to read.  Let them see you reading, going to the library on a regular basis, and buying books!  Let them know why you love reading and how even as a grown up you want to keep learning about things!  If you are not a reader, at least find some good audio books to listen to so your children will know it is important to you!

Let them read what they want (as long as it appropriate for your standards of course) – You children will have books that have to read for school and they should.  They need to understand that we don’t always love what we read but there are important stories and parts of history we need to learn.  However, when you can allow them to read what they want.  I had a son who has a learning disability and for a long time just wanted to read I spy books and you know what?  I let him, because reading was stressing him and reading his I Spy books helped he enjoy “some kind of books” and I didn’t want reading to be a negative thing for him.  He still had to do his phonic lessons but for all other reading I let him pick!  Maybe it is comic books, or books on animals or whatever!  Let them choose!  They will get past whatever stage they are in and they will make more broader choices but help them through that time by giving them freedom!

Help them find favorite authors – I remember when my oldest loved all The Frog and Toad books, and then he went through a Beverly Cleary stage!  Help them find great authors, when they are really young they don’t even realize they can get other books by the same person.  If you find a book your child really loves show them other books by the same author, they will be amazed!

Supply books on their interests – If you have a son interested in airplanes, get as many books as you can on airplanes.  Each one of your children have interest, it may be Minecraft or LEGO or American Girl Dolls!  It may be on a particular subject or art!  Whatever it is find books on it and again spread them out all over the house!  Your kids will find them and that is a good thing!

Introduce them to the library young – It is never too young to introduce your children to the library!  Take them to story times and special events when they are young.  Show them how to pick out books and when they are old enough let them get their own library card!  This is a great way to give your children a love for their library and for great books!

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”
Marcus Tullius Cicero


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