10 Ways to Savor the Summer


Several years ago a family member blessed us with a kayak pool.   HUGE BLESSING!  They were moving and the new owners didn’t want the pool so they needed to get it down and out of the yard.  They asked us if we would like to have it so my family went and took it down and loaded pieces into a truck and brought it home. With the help of many different people and a huge labor of love we installed the pool on our own (no professionals, just family and friends).   We don’t have a lot of luxury items and this pool has been such a joy to us.

Yesterday we were all out in the pool playing Marco Polo and beach ball games and I thought how I really wanted to savor the summer!  The older I get (hit the big 40 this year) the more I appreciate the smallest moments in life.  I have even learned to enjoy moments of trial and waiting (husband was just laid off) I’m wondering what grand thing God is going to do next.  When I was in my 20’s I would just freak out, now there is a more calm to my spirit.  Don’t get me wrong, I would be lying if I said I didn’t ever worry or have fear (I certainly do)  but overall I’m learning to savor!  Time is moving so fast.   Yesterday as I watched my teen and two tweens playing (1 6ft tall and the 2nd one right behind him)  I just took them in and enjoyed!

Here are 10 Ways you can savor your summer!

Enjoy every moment! – Remember time is fleeing, take this from an older mom-it really does FLY.  Wherever you are right now savor it, enjoy it, and participate in it.

Go outside – You may not have a swimming pool but enjoy the outdoors anyway.  Go to a local pool with the kids, eat ice cream on the front porch, swing in that porch swing or hammock, climb a tree (if you can), sit in a baby pool with the kids (I did this for YEARS)  and I would just get giddy every time we put up those plastic blow up pools!    If you struggle with depression, being outside lifts you so much (I have seen this in my own life)

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Play with the hose – You and your kids will end up laughing and running around.  Oh the memories you will make!

Catch lightening bugs – help you kids catch them and put them in a well vented jar and watch them light for a while before letting them go!

Star gaze – Put a big blanket in your yard or blow up mattress on your deck and watch the stars together – see if you and your kids can name some of them.

Go for a car ride – everyone get in and roll the windows down to enjoy the smells of summer and the warmth it brings – Go in the evening so it’s not too hot.  Stop for a ice cream!

Take a nature walk – we live near a park with a big lake, we always see so many things on our walk.  This is a great way to make conversations with the kids.

Have a summer family night – We love family nights around here, having a special summer one can be a blast!

Make a summer treat – do homemade ice cream, or even something simple like kool aid in the ice trays (remember those)  stick a toothpick in them before freezing and you have a fruit pop!  Anything cold and good will do!!

<img src="image.gif" alt="10 ways to savor your summer" />Just Be Still – Really, just sit.  Sit on that swing, on the porch, deck or wherever!  Just sit and have conversations together.  The front porch used to be used in our culture so much.  Families would sit out there and chat with each other and the neighbors.  They would play music or/and eat special goodies and just enjoy each other’s company.  Encourage your family to do this more.  I know it’s difficult with today’s electronic age but let your family know how important it is to you to just enjoy one another.  I will have up a post soon on conversations you can start with one another!

What are some things you are doing to savor your summer?

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  1. Amanda McConnell says

    Thank you for your posts and encouragements! I will be praying for you and your next step of opportunity (Job) for your family. My family and I have also been on an incredible faith journey and God IS Faithful! I am 37 and do freak out when big things shake up my world BUT I am learning to let God do His miracles and it’s been so amazing!!!

    Thank you and many prayers and blessing going your way!

    Amanda McConnell

    • Angela says

      Thank you so much for your prayers, I appreciate every single one!! It can be hard not freaking out at times, I have done my fair share in this life, that is for SURE! It is amazing when we learn to wait on the Lord though, isn’t it? It is SO sweet!

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment and for reading my blog! I’m so grateful!!

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