15 Amazing Winter Activities

Winter time can be blah if we let it!  It is cold, often dreary, and sometimes the weather makes it tough to go places but there are some fun things you can do together as a family that helps liven this time up a little bit so I thought I would make a list!   I also love this list because it helps us get back to enjoy the simple things of life and gets us away from the electronics, and phones and helps us be intentional with one another plus this list is just plain fun!!  *affiliate links included!

winter activities11. Build a snowman. you can even buy a kit full of snowman gear, like a fake carrot scarf, and other gear really cheap!  This would be a bucket to break out during a snowstorm!  Of course you can use your own homemade stuff, it is amazing what my kids have come up with for their snowman!

2. Make Snow Ice Cream!  Here is our favorite recipe!

3. Make snow angels, just lay down and make beautiful angels in the snow.  Your kids will get SO excited if you do this with them!

5. Have  a good old fashioned snow ball fight!

6. Go sledding.  If you don’t have a hill see if your neighbors will allow you to use theirs or go somewhere you know sledding is allowed!  My kids grandfather has the best hill in his yard!

7. Go Ice Skating!  This can be so fun as a family!

8. Snuggle on the couch with hot chocolate and a favorite read aloud or audio book (we are now listening to Harry Potter series on audio)

9. Take a winter nature walk.  You can see some real beautiful sights in the winter, as cold as it it there is real beauty in it!

P104001710. Make Snow Bubbles

11. Have a movie night, because sometimes it is just too cold to stay outside!

12. Cook something amazing in the crockpot together or a just a great dish that is perfect for winter like a big bowl of chili.

13.  Catch snowflakes on your tongue!  Sometimes we miss out on the simple things because of the hustle and bustle of life!  Take time to enjoy something simple and fun together!

14. Make a bird feeder

15. Go skiing, even if you don’t live in a place that has snow constantly sometimes they have resorts that make snow (as long as you are in a cold environment of course)

Don’t let winter keep you down, go out there and have some fun, it will be gone before you know it!


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