20 Things I have Learned about Marriage in 20 Years!

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Today my husband and I have been married 20 years!  I remember being a newlywed celebrating couples 20 yrs and thinking wow, they have to be old to get that far!!  Well, here we are!  Time moves so quickly!  I thought I would share 20 Things I have learned about Marriage in 20 years!

1.  There will be good times!  (REALLY REALLY GOOD TIMES)

2.  You will need to forgive over and over again

3.  Becoming parents together will grow you like nothing else!

4.  There will be days you want to run, really-FAR AWAY!

5.  Embrace Intimacy, it is a gift from God and it is beautiful- some days it will be the ONLY thing that holds you together

6.  There will be bad times!  (REALLY REALLY BAD TIMES)

7.  Laugh a lot together, make it a priority.  Especially in the moments that seem so bad you almost can’t breathe!

8.  You will need to be forgiven, over and over

9.  Hold on to God together (YOU NEED HIM more than anything)

10. You will need to die to self often

11.  Holding each other in the middle of the night will feel perfect in the worst of times

12.  Pray for your Spouse a LOT!

13.  Respect Him!  He needs that so much

14.  Love Her!  Not with just your words, but your actions!  She needs it so much

15.  Finding common interests and passions can help you share a closeness that is unique and beautiful

16.  Truly work on your weaknesses, grow and learn from them

17.  Date one another (even when you’re old)

18.  Communication can be tricky!  Men and Women do this VERY differently!  You will learn!! Well, hopefully you will! We are still not sure on this one!

19.  Have eyes only for your beloved!  Temptation will be everywhere!

20.  Really mean it, when you say till death do us part and savor every minute God has given you together!


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  1. says

    Going on 23 years here, everything you say is spot-on! I’d say as the years go by and you get swamped by kid stuff, you need to be purposeful about #15. It really works!
    Good stuff :o)

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