25 Days of Christmas Fun!

25 Days of ChristmasI love to do things with my kids during the Christmas Season.  However I realize with many people’s list and Pinterest and blog ideas there are moms out there feeling guilty this time of the year too.  I can also relate to that.  It is a busy time and if we are not careful we take on way too much.

I come up with 25 days to Christmas of fun things I can do to create memories with my kids.  I try to come up with frugal fun things (I do not have a budget to do anything I want) I also incorporate the natural things that just happen around the season and they count as a day.  Keep in mind I miss days, I’m human.  I do my best but life happens.  Family members get sick, some days we are out too late, or for any other reason it just doesn’t happen.

I would encourage you make your list but hold it lightly.  Don’t beat yourself up when it is not perfect or doesn’t happen, the nights you DO make it happen-Rejoice, you just created a fun memory for your kids and it’s a wonderful way to connect to their hearts.  Kids want your time more than ANYTHING, including presents under the tree.  Trust me on this one, they want YOU!

Here is my list

1. Decorate the Tree

2. Making Snowflakes together, there are some fun ones on pinterest.

3. Baking day

4. Watch the Muppets Christmas Carol (this is our favorite)

5.  Do your Christmas cards (fun picture maybe?)

6. Christmas Trains at the museum Center or any local event

7. Shop with your kids to pick dad or grandparents out a gift

8. Go look at Christmas lights with family, make it real fun by wearing your pjs (yes, even mom and dad)

9. Wrap presents together

10.  Cartoon Fest (this is great fun for us, we get together with several friends (they all spend the night) and we all watch those classic Christmas Cartoons together)  We have lots of goodies and fun

11. Watch the Polar Express

12. Baking night

13. Christmas Craft Day ( we invite some friends over for this)

14. Have a Jesus birthday party (I have a star baking pan I have just for this, we make a star cake)

15. Christmas Community Event

16. Work on Service Project (anything where you’re giving back to others)

17. Read some Christmas books together

18. Make some homemade gifts together (you know all the ones you pinned?)

19. Find a warmer night and take a Christmas Walk (maybe just on your block)

20. Baking night

21. Making a gingerbread house (hoping to do this one this year, we have never done it)

22. Wrapping Presents (better yet make your own wrapping paper, this can be fun)

23. Christmas Church Lunch

24. Christmas Eve (celebrate with Family)

25. Christmas Day (Celebrate with Family)


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