31 Days of Intentional Parenting

31 days fbI am so excited to be doing the 31 Days series hosted by The Nester again this year.  In the past I have done 31 Days of Character Building Books and on my lifestyle blog 31 Days of Fall Frugal Fun!

This year I am doing 31 days of intentional parenting and I am so excited to be bringing this to you!  I promise there will be some GREAT content on helping you get more intentional with your kids!  There will be practical tips and specific things for your to do with your family! So make sure you check back on Oct 1 to hear more about the kickoff and if you have not subscribed please do so, I wouldn’t want you to miss this!!

Day 1 – Why Be Intentional with your Parenting?

Day 2 – Plan to be Intentional

Day 3 – Being Intentional This Fall

Day 4 –  Being Intentional with Great Books

Day 5 –5 Reasons to Take Your Children to Church

Day 6 – Connecting with Your Children Through Date Nights

Day 7 – Intentional Education

Day 8 – Making Time for Play

Day 9 – Being Intentional at the Dinner Table

Day 10 – Enjoy Entertainment with Your Kids

Day 11 – Why Working Together as a Family is Important

Day 12 – Teaching Your Children the Word

Day 13 – Working as a Family to Get Healthier

Day 14 – Taking Your Children to Educational Places

Day 15 – Why You Should Express Affection to Your Children

Day 16 – 5 Reasons to Create Traditions in Your Family

Day 17 – 5 Things to Teach Your Children about Prayer

Day 18 – Why Conversations are Important

Day 19 – Words Do Matter

Day 20 – Being Intentional in the Kitchen

Day 21- Intentional Traveling with Children

Day 22- Teaching Your Children to Serve

Day 23- Be Intentionally Unplugged

Day 24- Finding Ways to Keep Our Children Safe Online

Day 25- Learning Your Child’s Love Language

Day 26- Connecting with Your Kids Through Hobbies

Day 27 – Why Your Marriage is Important in Your Parenting

Day 28:  Discipline Should Be More About the Heart

Day 29:  Teaching Your Children Entrepreneurship

Day 30 Parenting with Grace

Day 31 Intentional Parenting Series Wrapup


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  1. says

    Intentional – a word that’s been on my heart for several months now. I’m looking forward to read what you’ll be sharing on intentional parenting.

    • Angela says

      Thanks Tami! It is on my heart too, especially as a mom of tweens and teens-I know I don’t have much time left to be intentional and I want to savor all the moments. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

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