5 Benefits of Time Out for Mom


A couple years back I wrote a post  about my struggle with anger. It was a very popular post and I received many emails from moms, and even some dads, who struggled with this very issue. I knew the topic resonated with many and I knew I needed to speak about my own struggle. In that post I shared several things you can do to help you win the battle against anger.  One of the tips I shared was to take a time out!

When we think of the word timeout we often think about children, toddlers/preschoolers, or even a teenager who needs to be sent to the room to cool off. We don’t however usually think about moms so I wanted to share the benefits to you today of timeouts for you, especially when you are angry!

Join me today at The Better Mom where I share 5 benefits of Time Outs for Mom!

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