5 Things You Can Do to Savor Time with Your Children!

Time is flying!  As a mom of three teenagers now I can tell you, your parenting journey really does go way too fast.

I keep asking myself, “How do I stop time”, Is it really summer already?  Is it true my little baby boy is turning 18 this year and will leave our home for college next spring?  Say it isn’t so!


It is so funny, when you are a mom in your early 20’s and you have these babies at your legs and people tell you “Enjoy these days, they will be gone before you know it”, and there you are NOT believing them.

You are in the middle of sleepless nights, toddler fits, soaked diapers, and little fingers at the bottom of the bathroom door.  Because really, using the restroom alone is usually asking too much!

But you know what,?

It really is true.

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