5 Ways to Take Care of Your Family this Summer

We love summer!  It is just such a fun season to enjoy as a family!  There are picnics, swimming, vacations, and just sitting on the porch eating ice cream.  Days seem to last longer (although they really don’t) and you just feel more relaxed as a family without the hustle and bustle.  The summer heat can be tough on our family and there are things we can do to keep our family healthy during the hottest times of the year!

5 Things you can do this summer to keep your family healthy!Summer also comes with some things that can hurt us.  There are stings, sunburns, falling off our bikes and heat stroke.  We don’t want to live our lives always worried about the next thing around the corner, if we do we can’t truly LIVE!  However it is good to be prepared so that we can take care of our families when things pop up during our summer adventures.

5 Ways to Take Care of Your Family this Summer:

Have a first aid kid easily available – Have a kit that has BAND-AID’s and NEOSPORIN for the cuts and scrapes your children get.  Have bandages, and pain relievers in case you need them in a hurry.

Use Sunscreen – Sunscreen is so important.  Use a SPF of at least 30 and don’t skimp on it.  Skin cancer is just too real and sunburns can cause so much pain and blisters.  It can make days of summer seem awful!

Beware of summer tragedies – You hear horror stories of parents forgetting kids in the car during the summer months.  Just recently in the news I heard of a child who went looking for a lost toy in a vehicle and got locked in and past away!  Be very cautious at this time.  Set alarms to give you reminders, especially if your routine differs particular days (this is when you are at the highest risk of forgetting)  If you can leave windows cracked and doors unlocked when you are home, anything you can do to lessen the risk!  Talk to your children about the importance of telling you when they go outside (especially the young ones)  They often understand more than you think!

No matter what we do bad things can happen but it doesn’t hurt to try to prevent some dangers when we can!

summercare4Drink lots of water – It is always a good time to drink lots of water but you really need to in the summer!  You can become dehydrated in the heat and your body craves water when thirst comes.  Water is so good for every area of your health and is even good for your skin!

Be careful in the heat – When there is a heat alert, be especially cautious when you are out.  It is easy to become too hot and your body can become especially exhausted during this time.  Stay cool in the air conditioning or in the pool during these times!

5 Things you can do this summer to keep your family healthy!What do you do to make sure your family is taken care of this summer?

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