6 Ways to Help Your Family Through Trials

There are times life can hit us in unexpected ways!  We can be going on with life just fine and in one moment or one day we can find ourselves in the middle of a difficult journey!  Life is made up of all kinds of experiences.  We will often have joyful events, unexpected surprises, love, and much more but with life also comes heartache, trials, and grief!  That is the cost of liven in a fallen world.

6 ways to get through trialsA few years back my husband was let go at work. He is in the IT field and a factory he worked  for was closing down.  We have been through several job losses over the years because of downsizing  and it is never easy.  We have had to wait months for employment at times and once only 1 week.  It is hard not to be anxious and worry about the way off future.  Our natural tendencies have us looking way off instead of day to day and this is something scripture clearly warns us of:

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