6 Ways to Make Memory Making Simple

As moms we want to create special memories with our kids!  In our minds we have visions of our children thinking back on their child hood with memories of making great things in the kitchen, working on fancy crafts, and having great adventure in travels.  We are bombarded with pinterest worthy ideas, blog posts, and magazines and we can sometimes think if we are not super creative or have a lot of money to travel the world we are going to be somehow less of  a mom!

simplememores650,pngIt is a lie!

We do not have to do fancy crafts, take exotic trips, or make homemade feasts to be great moms! If one or more of these are your gifts that is amazing and embrace that with your children but if it not don’t lose heart!  There are simple things you can do that can make wonderful memories.  I have the most amazing memories making ice cream floats with my mom or sitting out on my uncle’s porch having great conversations!  Your kids care more about having relationships with you than they care about the actual project.

Join me at The Better Mom today to find 6 Simple ways to create memories that can last a lifetime!

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