7 Things to Fill Your Home with That Helps you Connect

7 thingsI thought I would share today things I love to fill my house with that help me connect with my kids.

Please don’t get me wrong, THINGS are never the answer.

I truly believe we could have NOTHING and still connect because we have love and relationship.  The true gift from God!  However if you are trying to declutter you home like I am,  keeping things that really matter or things that help you build relationships in your home is an added blessing.

Having enriching things for your children help grow them as individuals, something very missed on our culture of wanting our kids to be all alike.

These are things you can usually get at used book stores, yard sales and swaps with other parents who are cleaning out.

Book- books, books, and more books.  Did I mention books?  I dream of a home library some day and honestly money has been so tight for us at times I have had to sell some of my books (hardest thing for me to sell) You can find used books at yard sales or used book sales almost for free.  Paperback Swap is GREAT resource.    Books encourage your kids to explore so much and not just your kids, you too!  Reading aloud is one of the greatest things I have experienced with my kids.

This includes Audio books. Turn out the lights, light candles and listen to a GREAT one together.  Have everyone get their favorite blanket, the kids love it.  These are great in the car too!

Board Games-we have had such wonderful memories with board games.  Talking and laughing together.  They help connect you and educate.  Some of our best family nights have been with board games.

Art Supplies-do you have a budding artist in your home?  Fill it with markers, crayons, paint and brushes.  Pinterest has a wonderful collection of how to store art supplies in fun baskets or caddies.  Add art supplies to your Christmas lists.  It encourages your kids to use them if they are out in the open and you never know, you may have a child who becomes a great artist.  Make sure you sit down and do art with them sometimes.  I could never draw and I’m loving these how to draw books (I can actually make something that is recognizable now)

Great Music– Have you tried Pandora?  Oh my word, you can have playlists that just play classical, gospel, Christmas music.  Anything you like and it is FREE, just turn up your computer and enjoy!

Puzzles-They are a great way to have good conversations together!  Once you get a couple of pieces going it can become addicting!

Musical instruments– If you have a piano or guitar or any instrument for that matter it can be a great creative outlet.  You can find these on Craig’s list sometimes for free, sometimes people need to just get rid of them.  We have a couple of guitars and I always let a child that is visiting pick it up and play it.  I have it out in the living room.  You can take 5 minutes to show them how to hold and take care of it but encourage children to play.  I have had many making beautiful music on my piano, okay maybe it wasn’t all beautiful but they thought it was.  They are so curious about instruments, they long to play and I say let them.  What a fun creative thing for them to do.  My oldest son plays the piano and what joy it gives me!

I will be adding more to my list later and adding toys that I think are great ones to help you connect on a deeper level!

What things do you love for your kids?


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