7 Things to Have in the Home that Encourage Learning


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In my household, I have an artist, a musician, and a builder (think LEGO sets and plenty of them).

When I walk in my living room and see artwork and pencils and LEGO sets everywhere I just smile and am proud this is a home where learning takes place.

Things to Have in the Home that Encourage Learning

Trust me, I have come a long way here!  I wasn’t always so laid back about the mess but as I grew up (now a mom in her 40’s ) I have come to realize I am raising up kids who will love to create in their adulthood and that gives me some sense of pride and to me, it is all worth the mess!

I have one that loves to build with his LEGO sets and loves his Minecraft towns (he even created our house and I tell you it looks exactly like our house)

I have an artist who’s artwork amazes me daily and makes me realize how creative our God is to give my daughter such a gift of art!

My oldest is often practicing his piano and the music that fills our home is wonderful to my ears and I am so impressed at the game strategy’s he comes up with his professional game playing!

We are homeschoolers but you don’t have to be to create a home that encourages learning!  There are many things you can have in the home that encourages it naturally! 

Having enriching things for your children help grow them as individuals, something very missed on our culture of wanting our kids to be all alike.

The things to have on hand to encourage learning are often found at used bookstores, yard sales and swaps with other parents who are getting rid of things their children have outgrown or don’t want anymore.

We have our favorite things to have on hand and I will say 7 I believe every growing family should have in their homes.

Book- books, books, and more books.  Did I mention books?

I dream of a home library some day and honestly money has been so tight for us at times I have had to sell some of my books (hardest thing for me to sell) You can find used books at yard sales or used book sales almost for free.  Paperback Swap is a great resource.

Books encourage your kids to explore so much and not just your kids, you too!  Reading aloud is one of the greatest things I have experienced with my kids. This includes Audiobooks. Turn out the lights, light candles and listen to a GREAT one together.  Have everyone get their favorite blanket, the kids love it.  These are great in the car too!

Board Games –  We have had such wonderful memories with board games.  Talking and laughing together.  They help connect you and educate.  Some of our best family nights have been with board games.  You can find a preschool board game list here and just recently I read this mom’s list and love it.  It is for all ages.

Art Supplies-do you have a budding artist in your home?

Fill buckets or coffee cans it with markers, crayons, paint, and brushes.  Pinterest has a wonderful collection of how to store art supplies in fun baskets or caddies. My daughter uses one of these carts with dollar store cups and it fits her supplies perfectly.

Add art supplies to your Christmas lists.  Most relatives and grandparents love to buy art supplies for your kids and they are great stocking stuffers.

It encourages your kids to use them if they are out in the open and you never know, you may have a child who becomes a great artist.  Make sure you sit down and do art with them sometimes.


I could never draw and I’m loving Draw Write Now books(I can actually make something that is recognizable now)

Draw Write Now Book 1: On the Farm, Kids and Critters, Storybook CharactersDraw Write Now Book 1: On the Farm, Kids and Critters, Storybook CharactersDraw Write Now Book 5: United States, From Sea to Sea, Moving ForwardDraw Write Now Book 5: United States, From Sea to Sea, Moving ForwardDraw Write Now Book 2: Christopher Columbus, Autumn Harvest, WeatherDraw Write Now Book 2: Christopher Columbus, Autumn Harvest, Weather

Great Music– Have you tried Pandora?  Oh my word, you can have playlists that just play classical, gospel, Christmas music.  Anything you like and it is FREE, just turn up your computer and enjoy!

Puzzles-They are a great way to have good conversations together!  Once you get a couple of pieces going it can become addicting!

Musical instruments– If you have a piano or guitar or any instrument for that matter it can be a great creative outlet.

You can find these on Craig’s list sometimes for free, sometimes people need to just get rid of them.

We have a couple of guitars and I always let a child that is visiting pick it up and play it.  I have it out in the living room.  You can take 5 minutes to show them how to hold and take care of it but encourage children to play.

I have had many making beautiful music on my piano, okay maybe it wasn’t all beautiful but they thought it was.  They are so curious about instruments, they long to play and I say let them.  What a fun creative thing for them to do.

Building Blocks, LEGOS, K’NEX or Lincoln Logs –  These are wonderful to have for building and for younger children to build their motor skills.  LEGOs and K’NEX are loved even by teens and wow can they get creative with them!

LINCOLN LOGS – 100th Anniversary TinLINCOLN LOGS – 100th Anniversary TinK’NEX 70 Model Building SetK’NEX 70 Model Building SetMelissa & Doug Building Blocks- 100 BlocksMelissa & Doug Building Blocks- 100 BlocksLEGO Minecraft The Cave 21113LEGO Minecraft The Cave 21113

Your turn.  What are some things you love having at home to encourage learning?

Things to Have in the Home that Encourage Learning

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