Be Intentionally Unplugged

unplugged2I talked several months ago about having an unplugged weekend!  We did this and enjoyed it so much!  Getting unplugged can be the perfect intentional thing to do in your parenting!  It doesn’t have to be forever, just a set amount of time.  Maybe certain days of the week or a special weekend like we did, or just start out doing one day!

We are starting to see in our culture (and I will admit, being guilty of this one too often) being too attached to our electronics.  Have you ever found yourself?

Checking your phone when you’re out with your family

Checking facebook or emails at every opportunity

Watching too much TV

Spending too much on the internet

Have your children or spouse complained your on the computer or phone too much

Do you have a hard time leaving business while your home with family?

If you have answered yes to any of these you are not alone!  I struggle in this area too and as a work at home mom, it can even be more challenging.  It is hard to shut work down!

Be intentional with set times to check emails or facebook.  When you are suppose to be with family- BE WITH THEM!!  Set office hours if you work from home.  If you work from an office, leave the work there, this is for you too dads!!  Leave your phone off or even at home sometimes when you are out!

Don’t have any regrets!!  Be fully present with your kids as much as you can!!

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