Being Intentional This Fall!

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Fall is the perfect time to plan special activities with your children. I wanted to write this post early on in the series so you could get a date set on your calendar! There are so many fun activities at this time of year that can help you just have some fun and connect with your children!

There are:

Pumpkin Patches


Beautiful Car Drives

Fall Festivals

Playing in leaf piles

Having a fall picnic together

You can make pumpkin pie together or caramel apples

Cook a large bowl of soup and let the kids throw in the ingredients

Have a Fall Family Night

I realize not all of you live where there is fall weather and/or activities or some of you may be in another part of the world where it isn’t even fall there yet. I would encourage you to embrace the season and/or weather you are in now! Find an activity that goes with that! Maybe you can all go to the beach one day because it is perfect weather for that all year where you live or any other event that goes with your place! Take advantage of it and schedule it!

Your challenge today is to get one thing on your calendar that you can do as a family that is just plain fun!

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    One of our favorite fall activities is apple picking. We do it every year, and then I have a lot of apples to process into jelly/sauce/apple butter for the winter. It is a lot of fun, especially for the kids because they love going on the hay rides and picking the apples to eat right from the tree.

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