Day 29: Biographies of American Heros

I can’t stress enough how important great biographies are and ones that represent the heros of our past and how they are great ways to share stories of men and women of character.  I am talking about American bio’s in this post but several of you may live in other countries.  Find the heros of your past and write a list of those to get to read to your kids.

Some of my favorites

In God we Trust– Stories of Faith in American History

Genevieve Foster writes a book series “The World of”  There are many of these and they are all great.  Here is just one to give you a starting point, if you pull this one up on Amazon you will see many more.  We have read many of these!

The World of Columbus and Sons

We also love any of the books by Ingri and Edgar Parin D’Aulaire, here is an example of theirs.

Abraham Lincoln (Bicentennial Edition)


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