Building a Character Building Library

<img src="image.gif" alt="character building library />In history, character was often built on hardships and trials.  Many of the great men and women in our history came from poor means and often tragedies that truly motivated them to greatness.  We have been blessed in our nation for several generations and our kids have rarely faced the hardships of our ancestors, I’m not sure how much longer that will last but for now it is so.

So how do we build character and integrity in our children?  Especially when they don’t know the hardships that our ancestors knew.

Most importantly we want to point our children to God’s Word;  there is no better resource then that to teach us about honesty, obedience, and SO MUCH MORE.

There are other resources and ideas too and I thought I would share some of my favorite in this post as well as some in future posts.  This is a subject that is dear to my heart, I love resources and ideas that help build character in my children and I’m excited to be sharing some with you!

I truly believe building a library of books about character for our kids and grandkids is one of the greatest things we can do for them.  You can start with biographies, history books and great fiction.

One of the things we started was our Lamplighter Collection, we joined the book club that sends us a book a month, this company was started by Mark Hamby who wanted to bring back books that had wonderful messages on character that were no longer in print.  These books are not only for your children either, right now I’m in the middle of The Hidden Hand and can’t put it down, I love a great mystery and this book is certainly that.

These books introduce characters that have deep integrity but also characters that have serious flaws. There is always a lesson or should I say MANY LESSONS that teach us.  There are audio books too and my children have enjoyed these a great deal, they are so good that if we are listening in the car they don’t want the car ride to end because the story has to pause.

There are so many great conversations you can have with your kids after reading or hearing the stories, you can even relate them to something going on right now in your children’s lives.

I remember when we were listening to A Basket of Flowers, the father talks to the daughter about why she was probably better off not being influenced by palace life (her best friend was a princess and lived there)

I thought how many times I have kept my kids away from situations that seemed great for them but I knew in the end would do them more harm.  Sometimes even as a parent you feel lonely in that, but you sense that deep within, it truly is for the best.  This book reaffirmed that message to me, sure you want your kids to have things in life and to have better opportunities then you did but we have to be cautious as believers.

We don’t want our children to love the world more then the things of God-NOT an easy task with today’s culture but with God’s help we can teach this to our children today.  I can’t help but think of Daniel  in Babylon, living in the culture but staying true and obedient to God.

Start to think about books that would be great for building character in your children and start your library, I bet many of you already have!

Stay tuned for more post on building character!  You can find 31 days to character building books here!

What are some of your favorite resources about character?


<img src="image.gif" alt="character building library />

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  1. says

    We love the Lamplighter collection! We started ours with the audio versions and like your kids, mine love them so much that they don’t mind long rides! I really want to begin collecting the books, though! There is just something about having a book in hand…

  2. says

    Our kids are grown – but when they were homeschooling teens, we often read from the Book of Virtues. I found we had great conversations after reading a story and then applying the concept to our own lives. Our son, now married, still remembers some of poems he memorized from that book!

    Sometimes stories like Samson can also be character lessons. We’re currently doing a leadership study using Biblical figures, (our grown kids and spouses are a part of this) and the fact that Samson was supposed to be an answer for his people, and didn’t fulfill his God-given purpose because of character flaws, is a great Non-example… It’s funny – I guess that we’re still studying character, even though the kids are grown. (Hah. Just thought of that. Weird and cool.)

    Thank you for the insight.

  3. says

    We enjoyed reading several Lamplighter books to our 3 girls; Hedge of Thorns, White Knights, Lamplighter! Now they are older (21. 19. 16) we talk about some of the great lessons we learned together! I thank God for such great character building literature and dramatic audios! Thanks for the post!

  4. says

    I love lamplighter books!! What a great series- I can’t wait to read it! I’ve read a handful of their books and would love to read them all! I’ll be checking back in this month for sure!


    Love Lamplighters books too!! Some other favorites in our homeschool library are Patricia St. John books like Treasures in the Snow… And we love YWAM books- Christian Heroes Then and Now – George Mueller, Amy Carmichael … And also YWAM History books.

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