5 Benefits of Time Out for Mom

A couple years back I wrote a post  about my struggle with anger. It was a very popular post and I received many emails from moms, and even some dads, who struggled with this very issue. I knew the topic resonated with many and I knew I needed to speak about my own struggle. In that post I shared several things you can do to help you win the battle against anger.  One of the tips I shared was to … [Read more...]

Not Letting Anger Destroy My Family!

It is not easy for me to share deep personal issues, I am a very private person but I really felt the Lord's nudging in sharing my anger issues with other women in hopes to encourage them. So today I'm at The Better Mom for the Grouchy to Great sharing my personal testimony of what anger can do to your family and hopefully give you some hope if you struggle in this area too! If you are … [Read more...]