12 Marriage Devotionals to Strengthen Your Marriage


A devotional to do together as a couple  can be a wonderful way to grow your marriage and your relationship with the Lord!  I have put together a list of great devotional books for couples that can strengthen your marriage, these are the best of the best and have some amazing authors! *affiliate links included The Love Dare Day by Day Devotional Book for Couples   Alex Kendrick Night … [Read more...]

Top 20 Summer Books for Your Kids


We love books around here!!  I have quite a library and many of my children’s books I am keeping for grandchildren!  You have to think ahead, right?   A fun way to get reading in for everyone is to put a list together for each season.  It is like setting reading goals and giving yourself the whole season to read them in!  Start small, even if it is just one or two books a season it is a start! … [Read more...]

How to Save Money on Children’s Books

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We love books around here!  I can't think of anything better to have than a collection of children's books!  I know many families especially new mom and dads want to start a library for their kids but they know it can get expensive!  I do believe books are one of the few things that are truly worth an investment but there are ways to save money on them for sure!  *affiliate links … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Get Your Kids to Fall in Love with Books


We all want our kids to love to read! We want them to love going to the library and to be a lover of learning!  I think some children are born with a book in their hands, it just seems so natural for them and they love books from the time they are young.  For others though it can be different, especially for our children who struggle learning to read.  There are things we can do in our homes to … [Read more...]

10 Favorite Treasury Books

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It is National Reading month!  What better way to celebrate that than with a great book list! I love treasury books!  There is just something special about one big book full of great stories or the "best of stories" from particular authors.  They are wonderful for gifts or adding to your library!  Treasury books also make great books to take on trips, instead of taking several bedtime or read … [Read more...]

Jesus, the One and Only {Beth Moore}

I LOVE everything from Beth Moore.  Really, I don't think the woman writes anything I can't devour.    Recently I was sent Jesus, the One and Onlyand this is a great book!  If you have ever wanted to do a study on the King of Kings this is a great one to do. How can we know our Savior better?  Beth dives in on this book that teaches us SO much about Jesus.  His life, his legacy, his stories and … [Read more...]