10 Inexpensive Holiday Date Nights!

The holidays can be a perfect time to connect with your spouse!  There are so many wonderful things you can do together and dare I say, "romantic" .  There is something about the glowing of Christmas lights or fresh baked goods that scream togetherness!  I wanted to put a list together of some ideas you could do with your spouse this year or for the years to come during the holidays! Take a … [Read more...]

10 Stay At Home Date Nights

In celebration of our 20 year wedding anniversary I'm talking all marriage this week!  Yesterday I shared the 20 things I have learned about marriage in 20 years.  It has been shared a lot and we are so grateful!  We hope it blesses many! Several years ago we had 3 young children.  There was a time we had a 4 yr, 1 yr, and newborn.  Two were in diapers and life was CRAZY busy with small … [Read more...]

10 Great Date Nights to Have Together!

We have been married 20 years in less then a month!  I will be talking more about marriage on my blog in the future.  I do not believe you have to have date nights to have a great marriage but I do think they can be a wonderful asset to one!  They really do help you stay connected as a couple (especially through the parenting years) when life seems to revolve around the children.  When our kids … [Read more...]