Easter Baskets for the Christian Family

I love putting together Easter Basket's for Easter!  We are blessed because my mother in law made all three of my children homemade baskets before she died in 2008.  It makes the baskets even more special knowing they came from her loving hands!  We miss her so much!  As Christians we want to make sure our children understand the true meaning of Easter and how important the death and resurrection … [Read more...]

How to Keep Jesus in Easter

We love Easter here!  It is by far one of my favorite holidays!  I love making great memories with my kids filling baskets, decorating eggs and planning Easter egg hunts but it is SO important to my husband and I that we constantly remind our children what Easter is all about!  The reason it is my favorite is because Jesus, the son of God came to earth as a man, died a death on a cross for ME, and … [Read more...]