6 Ways to Help Your Family Through Trials

6 ways to get through trials

There are times life can hit us in unexpected ways!  We can be going on with life just fine and in one moment or one day we can find ourselves in the middle of a difficult journey!  Life is made up of all kinds of experiences.  We will often have joyful events, unexpected surprises, love, and much more but with life also comes heartache, trials, and grief!  That is the cost of liven in a fallen … [Read more...]

Family Devotional Bible

Family Devotional Bible

I love the Word of God!  I am always amazed when I hear people say reading the Bible is boring to them and to be honest I question if they have ever picked it up!  I find the stories fascinating and exciting and there are literally some books of the Bible I can't put down once I start reading!  If you love history it is a treasure load! *affiliate links included It is so important to me that I … [Read more...]

How to Make a Family Prayer List


Prayer is important in all of our lives!  As Christians we want to have a healthy prayer life, I know in my own life when my prayer time suffers I suffer.  We need to be in conversation with our Lord, we need HIM in every way and so does our family!  Although everyone in the family should be encouraged to have their own prayer life, we can also have prayer lists together.  I thought I would share … [Read more...]

Christmas Gifts for the Christian Mom


Are you looking for the perfect gift for Christmas for mom, or a friend or sister?  Maybe your family wants to treat you with something special and you struggle to think of something. *affiliate links are included in this post I put together a list of gifts that would be perfect for a Christian Mom!  I know they are things that I would love! I love to study my bible so anything related … [Read more...]

ESV Journaling Bible


I love to see the new way people are journaling their bibles!  They are so colorful and beautiful and a wonderful way to get even more excited about the Word of God!  This is also a great thing to start doing with your children if they are older, they will love it! Recently I was sent The ESV Journaling Bible and it is so nice!  It comes in a beautiful box and has a soft cloth like cover!  It … [Read more...]

Apologetics Study Bible


Multiple research studies have shown that spiritual focus often weakens among teenagers as they head into the attention-dividing realm of young adulthood.  Up to 66 percent of them leave church altogether.  The Apologetics Study Bible for Students HCSB works against that trend by helping anchor younger Christians in the truths of Scripture, equipping them with thoughtful and practical responses … [Read more...]

5 Things to Teach Your Children This 4th of July!


We are about to celebrate the 4th of July-the day that we gained Independence from England and the day we celebrate freedom!  I know for many of you this may not feel like the year to celebrate-actually it has probably felt that way for several years now!   True freedom is questioned and the news headlines scream things that can get our spirits down pretty quickly!  I think this is true especially … [Read more...]

Great Resource List for Studying the Bible!


I love Bible Study!  I know we have been told that the Bible is boring but I tell you the older I get the more I love reading it, it is far from boring!  I would say it is the most action packed exciting book you can read! I wanted to share a resource list of my favorite studies, websites, and product that I love for bible study! Hopefully you can find something in the list that helps you love … [Read more...]

5 Prayers to Daily Pray for My Children

prayer blogpost

There is no limit to what you can or should pray about for your children,  join me at The Better Mom today where I share 5 daily prayers I pray over my children! If you are visiting from The Better Mom today I would love it if you stayed awhile and read some of my most popular posts that is listed on my sidebar.  If you subscribe you will get in your inbox a monthly activities calendar … [Read more...]

How to Really Show Your Family Love


One of my all time passages in the Bible is the one on love, its really quite amazing how much love is talked about in the Bible. It shows us how important it is. The Bible is clear that it is important for us to love others, (spouses, our children, even our enemies) It tells us of God’s love for us,( For God So Loved the World He sent his son) and its clear that HE wants us to love Him back … [Read more...]