Our Favorite Preschool Board Games

We love board games here; they are the perfect way to connect as a family and the perfect family night!  We wrote a list of our top 10 Preschool Board Games-next to each title it tells you a little about the games.  We played every one of these games and loved them.  I will say some of the games are not made like they used to be unfortunately (they don't hold up as well) but these are our … [Read more...]

Five Great Cookbooks for Kids

I was talking recently how cooking together can bring your closer to your children!  There is just something special that happens when you are beating eggs and mixing ingredients together that brings out great conversation and accomplish achieved together after the masterpiece has been created! I thought I would share 5 Great Cookbooks for Kids to give you and your children a great start in the … [Read more...]

Saying Yes to God as a Family

I shared with you all my Family Booklist for 2014!  Once I am done with a book I would love to share with you more in depth on how it was so you can see if you think you want to add it to your list. Today I'm telling you about this little ebook that I just LOVED.  It is only 1.99 and it is called Saying Yes to God as a family by Kristen Welch.  I have LOVED her blog for years.  I met Kristen … [Read more...]

10 Fantastic Family Apps!

It is so fun to have great apps that help us in so many areas of our lives.  Apps are certainly a benefit of today's technology.  I wanted to share with you 10 fantastic family apps! 1.  Plugged in - This is where I love to go to check out movie reviews to see if I want my family to see a movie.  It is very detailed breaking down EVERYTHING-spiritual, violence, and sexual scenes-and no matter … [Read more...]

From Grouchy to Great!! Fantastic Ebook on Dealing with Anger!

I have been writing for The Better Mom since it started 3 years ago and it has been such an honor.  I have met some AMAZING women on this  team and have read countless amounts of stories that have allowed us to see into their lives.  REAL stories.   REAL life!! A couple of months back we did a series on anger.  SO many women feel they struggle in this area and Ruth felt we should share our … [Read more...]

Jesus, the One and Only {Beth Moore}

I LOVE everything from Beth Moore.  Really, I don't think the woman writes anything I can't devour.    Recently I was sent Jesus, the One and Onlyand this is a great book!  If you have ever wanted to do a study on the King of Kings this is a great one to do. How can we know our Savior better?  Beth dives in on this book that teaches us SO much about Jesus.  His life, his legacy, his stories and … [Read more...]

Child Training Bible Charts

I want to celebrate with YOU, my readers for making it through the 31 days of character building book series with me.  On the 1st day I talked about my favorite bibles and the bibles I had heard about that were great for kids.  I am happy to share more about The Child Training Bible with you today!  If you have not checked out this great resource, you MUST!  My husband and I have been putting ours … [Read more...]

Day 31: Books on Effective Parenting (Reaching the Heart)

Well I did not get all of my post done in 31 straight days but am happy that I did make all 31.  A little late is better then never! My favorite resources come from a site called Effective Parenting.  The CD’s Parenting is Heart Work are my favorite.  They have helped me in my parenting more then any resource.  Many books will tell you that you have a strong willed child, these CD’s help you … [Read more...]

Day 30: Seeds of Character

This is not a book but it is music.  Music is a wonderful thing to use to touch your kids hearts and Seeds of Character is a great CD to do just that.  If you have not bought any music from Seeds Family Worship you are missing out! More Than Conquerors (Romans 8:37) The Wages and The Gift (Romans 3:23 & 6:23) The Life (John 14:6, I John 5:11-12) The Fruit (Galatians 5:16 & … [Read more...]

Day 29: Biographies of American Heros

I can't stress enough how important great biographies are and ones that represent the heros of our past and how they are great ways to share stories of men and women of character.  I am talking about American bio's in this post but several of you may live in other countries.  Find the heros of your past and write a list of those to get to read to your kids. Some of my favorites In God we … [Read more...]