50 Ways to Celebrate Summer (Free Printable)

There are so many wonderful things you can do in the summer! I have put together a summer bucket list you can do together as a family! *affiliate links included 1.  Have pool party 2.  Go to a Drive In Movie 3. Catch lightening Bugs together, then set them free! 4. Take a nap or read a book in the hammock 5. Blow Bubbles as a family 6. Go for a family night of putt putt … [Read more...]

20 Ways to Enjoy Fall with Your Family! {Free Printable}

I love fall!  I just love everything about it!  The colors, the beauty, the activities, and even the smells!  This is the perfect time to be intentional as a family because there is so much going on and so many things to see and do!  Here are 20 ways to enjoy fall with your family!  *affiliate links included 1. Go to a Corn Maze - These can be so much fun!  This is not only fun for families but … [Read more...]

Chore List for All Ages (Free Printable)

I promised you after my series on chores I would have a free printable for you!   This is a chore list for all ages!!   I'm so excited to have it for you today.  Please keep in mind every family is different and every child.  You know your children better than anyone, some children are more mature than others at different ages so this will not possibly apply to every situation but gives a great … [Read more...]