5 Things to Teach Your Children This 4th of July!


We are about to celebrate the 4th of July-the day that we gained Independence from England and the day we celebrate freedom!  I know for many of you this may not feel like the year to celebrate-actually it has probably felt that way for several years now!   True freedom is questioned and the news headlines scream things that can get our spirits down pretty quickly!  I think this is true especially … [Read more...]

Creating Family Traditions for Memorial Day!


Memorial Day is such an important day for our nation!  It is a day and time to honor our fallen veterans who have served our country with the ultimate sacrifice!  We too often take our freedom for granted, even now our freedom isn't what it used to be.  You hear every day in the news how it is being chipped away at every turn.  We must never take it for granted because truly in an instant it can … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Gifts for the Christian Mom


Are you looking for the perfect gift for Mother's Day for your mom, or a friend or sister?  Maybe your family wants to treat you with something special and you struggle to think of something. I put together a list of gifts that would be perfect for a Christian Mom!  I know they are things that I would love! I love to study my bible so anything related to that would be wonderful! Bible - … [Read more...]

How to Keep Jesus in Easter


We love Easter here!  It is by far one of my favorite holidays!  I love making great memories with my kids filling baskets, decorating eggs and planning Easter egg hunts but it is SO important to my husband and I that we constantly remind our children what Easter is all about!  The reason it is my favorite is because Jesus, the son of God came to earth as a man, died a death on a cross for ME, and … [Read more...]

10 Inexpensive Holiday Date Nights!

Guy and girl walk and have fun in the forest in winter

The holidays can be a perfect time to connect with your spouse!  There are so many wonderful things you can do together and dare I say, "romantic" .  There is something about the glowing of Christmas lights or fresh baked goods that scream togetherness!  I wanted to put a list together of some ideas you could do with your spouse this year or for the years to come during the holidays! Take a … [Read more...]

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Family

christmas gifts

Many times family members or friends want to buy a gift for the whole family!  This can be easier for so many reasons, including saving money (especially when buying for a larger family), maybe they want the family to get something educational or they just want to buy a gift to bless the family as a whole! Here are 10 Christmas Ideas for the Family!! 1. Movie Passes - To go to a movie … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to Create Traditions in Your Family


Today I am sharing 5 Reasons to Create Traditions in Your Family at The Better Mom for my 31 Day Series of Intentional Parenting!  Traditions can be such a fun, meaningful way to connect you as a family and I hope you hop over there to read the post!  If you are visiting from The Better Mom today I would love it if you stayed awhile and read some of my most popular posts that is listed on my … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Celebrate Dad


There are so many ways to celebrate dad and with Father's Day is just around the corner there is no better time!  The great thing about dads is they are not usually hard to please!  They are usually the ones who say,  "oh I don't need anything" when it comes to gifts and they typically just go with the flow. So how can we celebrate dad?   I thought of a few ways! *Bake him a cake or his … [Read more...]

25 Days of Christmas Fun!

25 Days of Christmas

I love to do things with my kids during the Christmas Season.  However I realize with many people’s list and Pinterest and blog ideas there are moms out there feeling guilty this time of the year too.  I can also relate to that.  It is a busy time and if we are not careful we take on way too much. I come up with 25 days to Christmas of fun things I can do to create memories with my kids.  I try … [Read more...]