How to Keep Jesus in Easter


We love Easter here!  It is by far one of my favorite holidays!  I love making great memories with my kids filling baskets, decorating eggs and planning Easter egg hunts but it is SO important to my husband and I that we constantly remind our children what Easter is all about!  The reason it is my favorite is because Jesus, the son of God came to earth as a man, died a death on a cross for ME, and … [Read more...]

10 Inexpensive Holiday Date Nights!

Guy and girl walk and have fun in the forest in winter

The holidays can be a perfect time to connect with your spouse!  There are so many wonderful things you can do together and dare I say, "romantic" .  There is something about the glowing of Christmas lights or fresh baked goods that scream togetherness!  I wanted to put a list together of some ideas you could do with your spouse this year or for the years to come during the holidays! Take a … [Read more...]

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Family

christmas gifts

Many times family members or friends want to buy a gift for the whole family!  This can be easier for so many reasons, including saving money (especially when buying for a larger family), maybe they want the family to get something educational or they just want to buy a gift to bless the family as a whole! Here are 10 Christmas Ideas for the Family!! 1. Movie Passes - To go to a movie … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Make Thanksgiving More Meaningful


Thanksgiving can be such a beautiful holiday!   It can be such a beautiful holiday and can be so meaningful for your family!  Join me at The Better Mom today where I give 10 tips on making your Thanksgiving more meaningful! If you are visiting from The Better Mom today I would love it if you stayed awhile and read some of my most popular posts that is listed on my sidebar.  If you subscribe you … [Read more...]

25 Days of Christmas Fun!

25 Days of Christmas

I love to do things with my kids during the Christmas Season.  However I realize with many people’s list and Pinterest and blog ideas there are moms out there feeling guilty this time of the year too.  I can also relate to that.  It is a busy time and if we are not careful we take on way too much. I come up with 25 days to Christmas of fun things I can do to create memories with my kids.  I try … [Read more...]

Christmas Books Around the Tree


I recently saw this idea on Small Notebook.  I LOVED it!  She has smaller children then I do, she didn't use as many books as I did, hers looks way prettier.  Leave it to me to go CRAZY.  We are a lover of books around here and as soon as I saw the idea I ran to get all my Christmas books and I put them under the tree.  If you don't put presents out early (we don't) this is fun! The kids really … [Read more...]