10 Favorite Treasury Books

It is National Reading month!  What better way to celebrate that than with a great book list! I love treasury books!  There is just something special about one big book full of great stories or the "best of stories" from particular authors.  They are wonderful for gifts or adding to your library!  Treasury books also make great books to take on trips, instead of taking several bedtime or read … [Read more...]

Taking Your Children To Educational Places

I wrote a post a while back called Our Top 10 education field trips.  You can check this list out to schedule time to spend with your kids on a field trip!  You don't have to be a homeschooler for this, everyone loves field trips!    What I love about them is that they give you opportunities to talk to your children about all kinds of things!  You can teach them about history, science, and the … [Read more...]

Intentional Education

We are talking about being intentional for 31 days!  Education is a very important part of your children's lives!  Our children want to feel like we are a part of their learning and that we care about their work and activities they do at school! We homeschool our children and always have but we have readers that homeschool and some that do traditional school so I wanted to share some tips on … [Read more...]

Tips on Relaxing in Your Homeschool

My fear for younger homeschool moms is that they will spend so many years worrying and stressing that they will forget to enjoy the moments. The moments you first hear a child read to you, the moment your child decides to devour a book in one sitting because they can’t get enough reading, the moment they spell every word right on their spelling list or when they write their first letters.  Don’t … [Read more...]

Back to School Round Up

I wanted to put together a nice set of posts written by my favorite bloggers for a back to school round up.  There is so much here including back to school supplies, how to decorate a classroom, and healthy back to school snacks! Getting Ready for School: 5 Steps to Curb the Chaos - @ This Gal's Journey Action Plan for Back to School Encouragment (Includes a free printable) … [Read more...]

Top 10 Educational Field Trips

Educational field trips are a great way to spend family time together.  We are homeschoolers so field trips that are learning experiences can enhance our curriculum and our studies, however even if you are not they make wonderful memories and help supplement your kids education.  They also make great places to go during summer break! 1.  Museums - You can learn SO much from museums.  There are … [Read more...]