How to Help Your Kids Love History


I love history!  Truly to me there is no more beautiful subject to study!  It is unfortunate to me that history gets a rap for being boring, I think it is anything but!  I think the reason history often gets the reputation of being dull and dry is many children learn just using text books and they are not usually the best resource for adding excitement to a subject!  There are ways to bring … [Read more...]

The Answer Is Always the Family Dinner Table


A lot of people seem to be talking about how important the family dinner table is—not what’s on the table, but rather what the family does when its members gather around the table.  I couldn’t agree more. When my parents were in their 80s, they moved into our home.  My husband and I had three children—3, 7, and 9.  Now, we didn’t always mange to sit down to dinner as a family (my work kept me … [Read more...]