10 Ways to Savor the Summer

Several years ago a family member blessed us with a kayak pool.   HUGE BLESSING!  They were moving and the new owners didn't want the pool so they needed to get it down and out of the yard.  They asked us if we would like to have it so my family went and took it down and loaded pieces into a truck and brought it home. With the help of many different people and a huge labor of love we installed the … [Read more...]

How to Plan an Unplugged Weekend!

My husband had a wonderful idea last year.  He really felt we needed to have an unplugged weekend.  We live in an age where electronics, gaming, phones and computers are EVERYWHERE!   These devices have helped us and improved our lives in many ways, but they have also hurt us. Families don't talk with each other anymore (or not much), neighbors keep to themselves, and even dinner time that used … [Read more...]

10 Fun Winter Family Nights

Winter can be a tough time.  It has been icing and snowing day after day here for a month straight and everything has been canceled a LOT! This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more info. Cabin fever can set in fast!! However, winter can also be a nice time to really connect with your family.  Why?  You are often stuck inside TOGETHER!  You might as well … [Read more...]

Tips on Planning the Perfect Family Night

Well let me start off by saying, there is no PERFECT family night but there can be GREAT ones. Several years ago we started family nights.  We wanted a special time to just focus on the kids and enjoy our time together as a family. Family nights do not have to be expensive; there are many different things you can do together that are cheap or even free. *The first thing to do is brainstorm your … [Read more...]