Why Your Marriage is Important in Your Parenting

Recently I heard a story from a friend whose friend had a teenage son who was really struggling!  I mean really struggling.  He was having suicidal thoughts and in a very dark place. He is seeing a counselor and do you know what one of his biggest issues is?    It isn't being bullied or school or a girl. It is the way his father is treating his mother! I will say this child has a lot of … [Read more...]

10 Stay At Home Date Nights

In celebration of our 20 year wedding anniversary I'm talking all marriage this week!  Yesterday I shared the 20 things I have learned about marriage in 20 years.  It has been shared a lot and we are so grateful!  We hope it blesses many! Several years ago we had 3 young children.  There was a time we had a 4 yr, 1 yr, and newborn.  Two were in diapers and life was CRAZY busy with small … [Read more...]

20 Things I have Learned about Marriage in 20 Years!

Today my husband and I have been married 20 years!  I remember being a newlywed celebrating couples 20 yrs and thinking wow, they have to be old to get that far!!  Well, here we are!  Time moves so quickly!  I thought I would share 20 Things I have learned about Marriage in 20 years! 1.  There will be good times!  (REALLY REALLY GOOD TIMES) 2.  You will need to forgive over and over … [Read more...]

10 Great Date Nights to Have Together!

We have been married 20 years in less then a month!  I will be talking more about marriage on my blog in the future.  I do not believe you have to have date nights to have a great marriage but I do think they can be a wonderful asset to one!  They really do help you stay connected as a couple (especially through the parenting years) when life seems to revolve around the children.  When our kids … [Read more...]

Not Letting Anger Destroy My Family!

It is not easy for me to share deep personal issues, I am a very private person but I really felt the Lord's nudging in sharing my anger issues with other women in hopes to encourage them. So today I'm at The Better Mom for the Grouchy to Great sharing my personal testimony of what anger can do to your family and hopefully give you some hope if you struggle in this area too! If you are … [Read more...]