10 Ways to Savor the Summer


Several years ago a family member blessed us with a kayak pool.   HUGE BLESSING!  They were moving and the new owners didn't want the pool so they needed to get it down and out of the yard.  They asked us if we would like to have it so my family went and took it down and loaded pieces into a truck and brought it home. With the help of many different people and a huge labor of love we installed the … [Read more...]

Top 10 Educational Field Trips


Educational field trips are a great way to spend family time together.  We are homeschoolers so field trips that are learning experiences can enhance our curriculum and our studies, however even if you are not they make wonderful memories and help supplement your kids education.  They also make great places to go during summer break! 1.  Museums - You can learn SO much from museums.  There are … [Read more...]

My Family Life Booklist


I have a book list on pinterest of books I want to read in 2014.  Most of my list is about family life.  They are about being more intentional with my parenting, growing in God together, and connecting with my kids on a deeper level. I wanted to share my list with you-if you are looking for great reads this summer or year for that matter-this would make a great list! Lead Your Family Like … [Read more...]

How to Plan an Unplugged Weekend!


My husband had a wonderful idea last year.  He really felt we needed to have an unplugged weekend.  We live in an age where electronics, gaming, phones and computers are EVERYWHERE!   These devices have helped us and improved our lives in many ways, but they have also hurt us. Families don't talk with each other anymore (or not much), neighbors keep to themselves, and even dinner time that used … [Read more...]

Simple Ways to Make Memories

simple ways

  Sometimes we feel like we have to GO totally out to make a family night, special memory, or even a recipe the best it can be. We have magazines, blogs, and pinterest screaming to us that everything needs to be perfect and time consuming. I'm here to tell you that it is just not true! You can find simple ways to make memories together! I'm a work at home, homeschooling mom of … [Read more...]

25 Days of Christmas Fun!

25 Days of Christmas

I love to do things with my kids during the Christmas Season.  However I realize with many people’s list and Pinterest and blog ideas there are moms out there feeling guilty this time of the year too.  I can also relate to that.  It is a busy time and if we are not careful we take on way too much. I come up with 25 days to Christmas of fun things I can do to create memories with my kids.  I try … [Read more...]

10 Fun Family Nights!


I talked about planning the perfect family night.  Now I want to give you some ideas for some. Board game night-Get out all your favorite board games and have some special treats to eat and have a great time. Movie night-pick a family friendly movie, pop some popcorn and enjoy! Watch Family videos together, my kids LOVE this one.  My husband LOVES to take video and we have hours and hours … [Read more...]

Christmas Books Around the Tree


I recently saw this idea on Small Notebook.  I LOVED it!  She has smaller children then I do, she didn't use as many books as I did, hers looks way prettier.  Leave it to me to go CRAZY.  We are a lover of books around here and as soon as I saw the idea I ran to get all my Christmas books and I put them under the tree.  If you don't put presents out early (we don't) this is fun! The kids really … [Read more...]