You Can Simplify Your Family Life!

Life is SO fast paced.  We are running here and there and everywhere most of the time.   I know many times as parents we feel like we are doing our children a great service by making sure they stay involved and many parents feel like they need to be involved in EVERYTHING!  Every sport, every extra activity, every church program and on and on and it can be exhausting! Several years back we had … [Read more...]

How to Get Through Hard Times as a Family

It is always great to write about the fun things we can do as a family and all the wonderful things that go with family life.  But in reality, there are also HARD times!    We live in a fallen world and with that come sin, struggles, and trials.  Life doesn't always run as smooth as we like and sometimes our families hit HUGE bumps along the way! My husband has recently been let go at his job. … [Read more...]

10 Fantastic Family Apps!

It is so fun to have great apps that help us in so many areas of our lives.  Apps are certainly a benefit of today's technology.  I wanted to share with you 10 fantastic family apps! 1.  Plugged in - This is where I love to go to check out movie reviews to see if I want my family to see a movie.  It is very detailed breaking down EVERYTHING-spiritual, violence, and sexual scenes-and no matter … [Read more...]

How to Invite More Silence into Your Life (And Why You Should!)

When I recently spent a year trying to fit spiritual disciplines into my life as a mom, one of the disciplines I most longed for was silence. With one son and now especially with two, there are times when I think my head might explode from over-stimulation. There just seems to be so much noise all the time that I often feel I can’t focus on anything. I don’t usually think any of this noise … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Celebrate Dad

There are so many ways to celebrate dad and with Father's Day is just around the corner there is no better time!  The great thing about dads is they are not usually hard to please!  They are usually the ones who say,  "oh I don't need anything" when it comes to gifts and they typically just go with the flow. So how can we celebrate dad?   I thought of a few ways! *Bake him a cake or his … [Read more...]

From Grouchy to Great!! Fantastic Ebook on Dealing with Anger!

I have been writing for The Better Mom since it started 3 years ago and it has been such an honor.  I have met some AMAZING women on this  team and have read countless amounts of stories that have allowed us to see into their lives.  REAL stories.   REAL life!! A couple of months back we did a series on anger.  SO many women feel they struggle in this area and Ruth felt we should share our … [Read more...]

How to Plan an Unplugged Weekend!

My husband had a wonderful idea last year.  He really felt we needed to have an unplugged weekend.  We live in an age where electronics, gaming, phones and computers are EVERYWHERE!   These devices have helped us and improved our lives in many ways, but they have also hurt us. Families don't talk with each other anymore (or not much), neighbors keep to themselves, and even dinner time that used … [Read more...]

Healing Broken Relationships with Your Children

Broken relationships with children hurt!  They hurt the kids involved and they hurt you!  All you have to do is talk to parents that have grown children who are estranged with them and you can feel their pain.  They hurt, they are full of regrets and often they feel helpless! I have a daughter right now I'm struggling with. She is only 10; her dad says we are TOO much alike.  Funny thing is, we … [Read more...]

Child Training Bible Charts

I want to celebrate with YOU, my readers for making it through the 31 days of character building book series with me.  On the 1st day I talked about my favorite bibles and the bibles I had heard about that were great for kids.  I am happy to share more about The Child Training Bible with you today!  If you have not checked out this great resource, you MUST!  My husband and I have been putting ours … [Read more...]

31 Days of Character Building Books

Last year I participated in the 31 days that The Nester hosted, it is on my other blog and called 31 Days of Fall Fun.  This year I will be doing 31 days of Character Building Books here at Together with Family! We LOVE to read around here!  I wrote a post about building a character building library recently and I wanted to share with you some of our favorites over the years.   If you decide … [Read more...]