Say Yes When You Can (Strong Willed Series)


No parent looks forward to arguing with their children! When you add a strong willed child to the mix the disagreements can increase by tenfold. Arguments can be some of the most difficult things to deal with a strong willed one, and if you are a strong willed parent, look out, before you know it, it can be WAR! And you wonder where they get it! Ha! We as parents have to say NO a lot! We … [Read more...]

Draw them Closer to You, Don’t Push Them Away! (Strong Willed Child Series)


Most of us have been blessed with at least ONE strong willed child along the way.  Strong willed children have a way of making us feel like we are going to go crazy.  They also have a way of keeping us on our knees in prayer and have us working extra hard to connect with them. Many times I will hear parents say, “I just can't get along with this particular child"  or "we butt heads"    Often … [Read more...]