How to Help Your Kids Love History


I love history!  Truly to me there is no more beautiful subject to study!  It is unfortunate to me that history gets a rap for being boring, I think it is anything but!  I think the reason history often gets the reputation of being dull and dry is many children learn just using text books and they are not usually the best resource for adding excitement to a subject!  There are ways to bring … [Read more...]

5 Amazing Gifts for the High School Graduate


It is that time of year again when the high school seniors in our lives become graduates!  Teenagers are not always the easiest to shop for but there are some things that I think would make wonderful gifts for our graduates that they can use in their years at college or whatever adventure that awaits them!  My oldest child (son) will be a graduate next year so it is nice for me to be brainstorming … [Read more...]

Family Devotional Bible

Family Devotional Bible

I love the Word of God!  I am always amazed when I hear people say reading the Bible is boring to them and to be honest I question if they have ever picked it up!  I find the stories fascinating and exciting and there are literally some books of the Bible I can't put down once I start reading!  If you love history it is a treasure load! *affiliate links included It is so important to me that I … [Read more...]

10 Things I Want My Daughter to Look for in a Husband

Daughter Look for Husband 650 x 650

Talking to our teens about certain issues can sometimes be hard and awkward but it is extremely important that we do it!  We live in a time where the culture will sell our kids a lot of things that are not healthy for them and we want them to take their cues from us, not the world!Talking to our kids about their future spouse's can be one of those tough talks!  However we want them to know how … [Read more...]

Ways to Celebrate Advent with Your Family

advent 500x500

Last year my husband sent me a text after a very stressful day at work!  "I'm looking forward to our Advent devotional tonight, it has become the best part of my day."  He was really enjoying the wonderful stories we were reading each night as a family!  I knew what he meant,  there is just something wonderful and peaceful about hearing the Greatest Love Story Ever Told!  There is something … [Read more...]

ESV Journaling Bible


I love to see the new way people are journaling their bibles!  They are so colorful and beautiful and a wonderful way to get even more excited about the Word of God!  This is also a great thing to start doing with your children if they are older, they will love it! Recently I was sent The ESV Journaling Bible and it is so nice!  It comes in a beautiful box and has a soft cloth like cover!  It … [Read more...]

Apologetics Study Bible


Multiple research studies have shown that spiritual focus often weakens among teenagers as they head into the attention-dividing realm of young adulthood.  Up to 66 percent of them leave church altogether.  The Apologetics Study Bible for Students HCSB works against that trend by helping anchor younger Christians in the truths of Scripture, equipping them with thoughtful and practical responses … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Prepare Your Child for “The Talk” {Passport2Purity}


Your child begins the journey into adolescence in a world of sexting, bullying, online stalking and moral defiance. Innocence is under attack, and you cannot win the battle with a single awkward talk or a strict set of rules.  The primary defense for your child is a strong relationship with you and with God. We live in a heart sick culture, a very heart sick culture!  I am amazed how downhill … [Read more...]

Our Favorite Preschool Board Games


We love board games here; they are the perfect way to connect as a family and the perfect family night!  We wrote a list of our top 10 Preschool Board Games-next to each title it tells you a little about the games.  We played every one of these games and loved them.  I will say some of the games are not made like they used to be unfortunately (they don't hold up as well) but these are our … [Read more...]

Being Intentional with Great Books!


Reading books together is one of the BEST ways to be intentional with your children!  There is just something so wonderful about diving into a story together and it can bond a family like nothing else!  Sometimes we think we can only read to our children if they are small.  I see parents all the time reading bedtime stories to their toddlers/preschoolers, but often giving it up once their children … [Read more...]