How to Help Your Kids Love History


I love history!  Truly to me there is no more beautiful subject to study!  It is unfortunate to me that history gets a rap for being boring, I think it is anything but!  I think the reason history often gets the reputation of being dull and dry is many children learn just using text books and they are not usually the best resource for adding excitement to a subject!  There are ways to bring … [Read more...]

5 Amazing Gifts for the High School Graduate


It is that time of year again when the high school seniors in our lives become graduates!  Teenagers are not always the easiest to shop for but there are some things that I think would make wonderful gifts for our graduates that they can use in their years at college or whatever adventure that awaits them!  My oldest child (son) will be a graduate next year so it is nice for me to be brainstorming … [Read more...]

Saying Yes to God as a Family {Review}


I shared with you all my Family Booklist for 2014!  Once I am done with a book I would love to share with you more in depth on how it was so you can see if you think you want to add it to your list. Today I'm telling you about this little ebook that I just LOVED.  It is only 1.99 and it is called Saying Yes to God as a family by Kristen Welch.  I have LOVED her blog for years.  I met Kristen … [Read more...]