5 Things to Teach Your Children This 4th of July!

We are about to celebrate the 4th of July-the day that we gained Independence from England and the day we celebrate freedom!  I know for many of you this may not feel like the year to celebrate-actually it has probably felt that way for several years now!   True freedom is questioned and the news headlines scream things that can get our spirits down pretty quickly!  I think this is true especially … [Read more...]

Creating Family Traditions for Memorial Day!

Memorial Day is such an important day for our nation!  It is a day and time to honor our fallen veterans who have served our country with the ultimate sacrifice!  We too often take our freedom for granted, even now our freedom isn't what it used to be.  You hear every day in the news how it is being chipped away at every turn.  We must never take it for granted because truly in an instant it can … [Read more...]