Be Intentionally Unplugged


I talked several months ago about having an unplugged weekend!  We did this and enjoyed it so much!  Getting unplugged can be the perfect intentional thing to do in your parenting!  It doesn't have to be forever, just a set amount of time.  Maybe certain days of the week or a special weekend like we did, or just start out doing one day! We are starting to see in our culture (and I will admit, … [Read more...]

How to Plan an Unplugged Weekend!


My husband had a wonderful idea last year.  He really felt we needed to have an unplugged weekend.  We live in an age where electronics, gaming, phones and computers are EVERYWHERE!   These devices have helped us and improved our lives in many ways, but they have also hurt us. Families don't talk with each other anymore (or not much), neighbors keep to themselves, and even dinner time that used … [Read more...]