Chore List for 13-16 yr olds

chore list 13-16

I have been talking about chores for a few weeks now and next week will be my final post about chore lists.  After that we will have a free printable for you all to print!

This week we are talking about our 13-16yr old children!  This is a great age because they can do so much to help you with the household.  If you do not already have an allowance system set in place, this is a wonderful time to set one up.  They don’t need to be paid for everything they do, they are part of your family and running a house takes work that they need to be a part of-however you want to teach your children about earnning money, giving, and how to become independent.  They will do best if you set them up and teach them and this is a great time.

Pay them when they do large jobs, emergency tasks (such as helping you clean up everything because an unexpected guest is coming), or just at the end of the week for a job well done.

Chores that your 13-16 year old can do!

Make Meals

Weed Eat

Mow Yard

Clean out Fridge/Freezer

Clean Tub/Shower

Help with Grocery Shopping

Wipe Down Baseboard & Walls

Oversee the Younger Children’s Chores (or at least inspect them)

Of course they can also do any of the chores from the previous list.  Toddler/Preschooler,  6-8 yrs old,  and 9-12 yrs old

I would love if you would add to the list.  What chores do you have your 13-16 yr old do?  I will add them to the printable at the end!

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Chore List Printable


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