Chore List for Kids 6-8 yrs Old

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I talked last week’s how chores are such an important part of family life and gave you a chore list for the toddlers/preschoolers in your life.  They need to know that running a household takes work and they need to be a part of that! It helps teach them about hard work and helps to build character! Every Monday for a few weeks I will have a new chore list up for different ages. At the end of the series I will add a free printable you can print out with each age group on it!

Of course your children 6-8yrs old can do any of the chores mentioned in the previous list for the toddler/preschooler!

They can also do:

Meal Preparation – They can wash off veggies and fruit/ help you stir (If you are there of course), and get ingredients together.

Wipe Down- They can wipe down the outside of the toilet, the sinks, and counter tops.  (Some may need a child stool)

Sweep Floors

Vacuum Floors

Collect Garbage (this really helps me on garbage take out days) 

Rake Leaves or Sweep Walkway

Pick up their Rooms

Help with Care of Baby (like making bottles and getting diapers)

Help Clean up the Yard

I would love if you would add to the list.  What chores do you have your 6-8 yr old do?  I will add them to the printable at the end!

<img src="image.gif" alt="chores for 6 to 8 year olds />

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  1. allison says

    My 7 year old puts his laundry on hangers for me and he also empties the utensil part of the dishwasher (after I grab the knives out). It’s such a huge help.

  2. Kristin says

    My kids (3 -8 year olds) clean mirrors, windows, appliances, dust, put own laundry away , set table, load & unload dishwasher, hand wash pots pans & to large items, dry & put away dishes , one of fav chore is to play with little 2 yr old sister for 1/2 hour! I put 15 chores on slip if paper folded in a mason jar every week day they chose 1 extra chore out of jar. They have normal chore in am like make beds , set their bedroom to rights, and of course clean up all toys inside & out at end of the day!

  3. Kristin says

    I will qualify that list as summertime when home all day ! School year scale back to laundry,bedrooms and dishes !

    • Angela says

      Great list! Thanks so much!! I agree about the school time/it is great to have a list for summer/and school time!

  4. Amanda says

    My son (7) does his own laundry (wash, dry and put away), washes and dries every one else’s laundry, helps fold everyone else’s laundry (we all pitch in with this), collects trash on trash day, picks up toys in yard, dusts and vacuums his room once a week, cleans kids’ bathroom (with help) once a week, straightens room daily, makes bed daily.

    My daughter (5, almost 6) helps me clean a bathroom once a week, dusts and vacuums her room once a week, helps me unload and load dishwasher, helps feed her sister, makes her bed daily, puts away her own clothes and picks up her room daily, helps fold everyone’s laundry and cleans the kid’s bathroom sink between bathroom cleanings.

  5. Kendra says

    We live in a townhouse and so outside work is completed by an Association; that said…I have my 7 – year old pick up the rocks out of the grass that our dogs drag out with their leashes- $1 – 2.

  6. says

    My 6 year old does most all these things plus she empties the dishwasher, helps load the dishwasher (with assistance), clears and wipes down the table after meals, puts clean clothes in drawers and closet, dusts with a swifter duster, and cleans windows and mirrors. 🙂

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