Creating Family Traditions for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a family holiday!  This holiday came because our ancestors were thankful to God and wanted to praise HIM for all they were grateful for and how far they had come!  This is the perfect day to remember all that you are grateful for!  Even in the midst of trying years and struggles we have things to be grateful for!

I LOVE family traditions.  I love to create new ones and enjoy ones from the past!  There is something wonderful recalling traditions I have celebrated as a child and/or as a mom!  They can be anything you do consistently to celebrate an event, season, or just about anything special.  Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday to create new traditions.  If you are looking for ideas for some new ones here are some of our favorites

  1. Make a craft to show how grateful you are.  This can be a gratitude journal, jar, tree, pumpkin, table cloth and any other thing you can think of for your family to write down the things they are thankful for!
  2. Watch the Macy Day Parade together!
  3. Read Scripture and have prayer to just praise HIM for all HE has given – open it up and let anyone pray that feels led at your celebration!
  4. Read the Thanksgiving Story around the table >  The Thanksgiving Story is great  for younger children
  5. Invite someone over that has nowhere to go.  A widow, a person at church that has no family or a child who is not in the best family situation and you know they don’t celebrate!  Think about the people you know who may really want the blessing of your family! Adopt a different person each year!
  6. Watch a special movie every year or if you are sports fan watch football together!
  7. Serve Thanksgiving dinners at a soup kitchen or church that is helping needy families.  This can be a great reminder to your children that not everyone is as well off as they are.
  8.  Decorate the Christmas Tree together!  If you don’t do this on Thanksgiving you can do it the day after!
  9. At your Thanksgiving feast go around the room and have everyone say something they are thankful for!  Or let them pick a name of someone at the dinner and have them say one thing they are grateful for with that person!

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Hope this gives you some ideas on making Thanksgiving more memorable this year!   Share in the comments some of your Thanksgiving traditions, we would love to hear them!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!!

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