Day 17: Character Building For Families

The next books I want to talk about is Character Building For Families.  I love these books and I have worked through them on and off with my kids over the years.  I have even used them in a coop situation when I taught in one.

Character Building for Families by Lee Ann Rubsam

Character Building for Families is suitable for family devotions, Bible curriculum, or a separate character “class.” Lessons include reading Bible passages together, thought-provoking discussion, Bible memorization, application to our personal lives, and prayer. Each lesson takes about 20 minutes to complete.


Character Building for Families, Volume 1 covers twelve topics–Obedience, Orderliness, Diligence, Loyalty, Deference, Cheerfulness, Gentleness (Kindness), Contentment, Gratitude, Truthfulness, Servanthood, and Hospitality. There are 97 pages with 165 lessons.


Character Building for Families by Lee Ann RubsamCharacter Building for Families, Volume 2 covers 5 topics–Stewardship (of money, time, speech, bodies, friends, and the gospel), Teachableness, Mercy, Patience, and Desire for Jesus. It has 105 pages, with 135 lessons.

These books are so easy to use, you really can just pick it up and start working on it together.  There isn’t a lot of prep time and I find them to be very effective in not only teaching character but in helping reach the heart!

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