Family Activity Calendar

For several years now my husband and I have designed activity calendars for our subscribers!  If you subscribe to our blog we give you a monthly calendar to print out and put on your fridge, in a family notebook binder or even on a bulletin board.  We have bundled the past couple of years and taken the dates off and are offering them for sale.

These calendars have activities on them that are simple, but intentional!

I know moms and dads sometimes feel guilty because they are not crafty or what they call “creative”  when it comes to activities they do with their kids.   However, we often forget it is the simple things of home where relationships are built.

They are built by reading books together, sharing a cup of cocoa or cooking a meal together.  It is the simple things of life that create great conversation and great memories.  They don’t have to be Pinterest-worthy memories to be lasting ones.

They say love is spelled T.I.M.E and I couldn’t agree more!  These activities are easy to weave into everyday living.

Each month is not dated so they can be used for any year, they are decorated for holidays/themes for each month and have 30 or 31 days depending on how many days are in that particular month.  For holidays such as Easter where the dates vary you may have to change things around on the calendar a bit.

You don’t have to check everything off for this to be a success.  Do the activities you want, skip the ones you don’t.  The point is to be more intentional in your parenting/marriage but in reality, you will never cross every activity off each month.  If you do one a week it will be a success.

These calendars are 4.00

What is included?

PDF’s of a 12-month calendar decorated for the season/holiday with activities to do as a family.

Activities that are simple but intentional

Great way to build relationships in your home with the ones you love most!

I have two different sets, they have the same activities, they are just decorated differently.

Set A

calendars 1

Set B