How to Help Your Kids Love History

I love history!  Truly to me there is no more beautiful subject to study!  It is unfortunate to me that history gets a rap for being boring, I think it is anything but!  I think the reason history often gets the reputation of being dull and dry is many children learn just using text books and they are not usually the best resource for adding excitement to a subject!  There are ways to bring history alive and ways to help your kids love history, you just have to find them!

A pracitcal way to help your kids love history!I love to find ways in my homeschooling and in my parenting to make learning fun! I also love to find wonderful resources to make that happen!  That is why I am so excited to tell you about a Christian company called Heirloom Audio!  They create Audio Adventures for homeschool families!  These adventures are fast moving audio dramas designed to teach Christian history in a very fun and engaging way. The productions also include a free study guide that many parents use as curriculum for a “living” lesson in Christian history.

We have enjoyed these audio dramas so much this summer!  Take a look at some of my favorite features:

1. They are exciting and fun – There are battles, ships, and tons of action!  These audio cd’s are really well done!  In the past I have had products similar that really have a cheesy feel to them!  In today’s age you can’t get away with getting your kids to enjoy them if they seem corny!  These are very professional and have real actors in them.  Just to name a few :  Kirk Cameron, John Davies (from The Lord of the Rings), Sylvester MCCoy from Doctor Who and Brian Blessed from Star Wars.  They do a wonderful job in bringing the story alive and you feel like you are really there!  There is nothing boring about these CD’s.

2. They help kids use their imagination – When you put the CD in the player and your kids get to listen they are able to totally use their own imagination to picture the story!  They don’t have a book or a TV screen to influence what they are seeing in their minds!  Each child you have is probably picturing them different and that is a good thing!  It makes the story unique to them!

3. They teach Christian values and character lessons – I love products that help teach character!  Let’s face it, we are living in a heart sick culture and our kids are bombarded with messages everywhere that we would prefer they not be!  These products reminds us of characters with courage, strength, valor, and most of all a reliance on God!

4. They improve vocabulary and attention span – Listening to audio CD’s like these are known to improve vocabulary, attention span, reading comprehension and more!  Who doesn’t want their children to improve their educational abilities?  I love when you can naturally add something to your kids live that is educational but it just feels fun for them!  These audio CD’s are not just for homeschoolers, they make the perfect supplement for any parent and they are perfect for summer learning!

5. They are perfect for travel – These CD’s are perfect for travel.  How many times do we hear “are we there yet”  Car rides can get long and hard for children and these CD’s help break up the long ride!  They will get so caught up in the story that they forget they are still in the car and what I love is they won’t even want to make any stops because they are dying to hear what happens next!

6. They Bring History Alive – If you want your kids to love history you have to do something to make it exciting to them!  These CD’s do just that!  Instead of just reading a book of dates and characters the stories come literally alive and kids are able to visualize them and remember them!

Each CD is about two hours.  You can easily take break in between if you need to!  They are geared for ages 6-16 and are stories from G.A. Henty .  Together with Family has a wonderful price of  The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty to offer to my readers, just click the link to see more about it!

Check below to see my video review:

This is a sponsored post  All opinions are 100 percent mine!

A pracitcal way to help your kids love history!

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