How to Keep Jesus in Easter

easterjesusblogpostWe love Easter here!  It is by far one of my favorite holidays!  I love making great memories with my kids filling baskets, decorating eggs and planning Easter egg hunts but it is SO important to my husband and I that we constantly remind our children what Easter is all about!  The reason it is my favorite is because Jesus, the son of God came to earth as a man, died a death on a cross for ME, and YOU and rose again!  It is because of this day, we have hope and the promise of eternal life and it is the legacy of faith I want to pass on more than anything! *affilate links included

Some practical things you can do to keep Jesus in Easter:

Filling Baskets with Spiritual things – Bibles (The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name is one of our favorites), prayer journals, highlighters for bible study, cross necklaces or earrings, or devotional books

Resurrection Eggs – I love this post where they paint real eggs to represent the story(her pictures are missing and I would simplify this to just painting the eggs colors that represent the story)  and this one where they use the plastic ones(she has free printables).  They are both great lessons to the true meaning of Easter

Faith Based Craft – There are so many ideas on pinterest!  You can make special crosses, gardens, and so much more!  The picture below is one of my children’s garden they made in church last year!  I love it!  You can even do this with fresh grass!

Displaying IMG_3896.JPG

Special Meal – You could do a passover meal or other biblical feast or made something special for Easter morning like my friend Courtney does with her Resurrection Roles!

Passion Play – I took my teen to one last year!  If these plays are done right, they are POWERFUL!  It really helps you to feel what it would have been like to see the trial and crucifixion of Christ!  I would not take young children to this, it can be very long and graphic for small eyes!

passionplayGood Friday/Easter Service – Don’t forget the obvious!  Make sure you take your children to Good Friday and Easter Services at your church!  I know you are often busy with family visiting and such but it is SO important for your children to be in the House of the Lord these days!  You can’t get across how important these days are if you put priority in other places!

Plant Something New– You could plant Easter grass or flowers or even an Easter garden (like above) , it represents new life which we are in Christ!

Special Devotional or Reading – There are so many great devotionals out there!  I really like the The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name(it is great sharing the message) and I love what this blogger did with the book and devotional time!  I also love this book from Apologia called Resurrection iWitness, this book actually shows you evidence of Jesus Resurrection!

Resurrection iWitness
Resurrection iWitness

Easter Service Jar – Teach your children to serve others this Easter by putting ideas in a jar and picking a family or individual to bless with it!  Another reminder how Christ was a servant and how much he loved us!

Easter Tree – I love this tree Ann Voskamp puts together and she gives you free ornaments for it!  You can also use eggs and write scriptures for the Easter Story and the colorful tree makes great decoration!

Hope you enjoyed my list!

I have a Easter pinterest board with more great posts and ideas!


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